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Farmers in China Compelled to Destroy Their Crops Amid Strict Covid Curbs

According to the local media, farmers are facing problems in selling their harvest because of travel prohibitions.

Ayushi Sikarwar
farmer in china
A Chinese Farmer Working In His Farm (File Image)

Many Chinese farmers have started burning their crops since they are unable to sell them due to the tight COVID-19 limitations. Food security worries have been raised as a result of the farmers' action.

Farmers are having trouble selling their harvest because travel is prohibited across various rural sections of the nation, according to the local media. Cultivators are reportedly bulldozing vegetable fields in the Chinese provinces of Henan, Gansu, Shandong, and Hebei in order to plant seeds for the next crop.

In the clips that erupted on social media, a farmer can be seen driving a tractor past a row of vegetables in his field. Another farmer was observed picking and tossing his harvest in order to clear his farm.

China is the only other developed country still making an effort to stop the domestic spread of the coronavirus through sudden lockdowns, protracted quarantines, and widespread testing programmes.
This comes amid huge public outrage triggered by a deadly fire that occurred in the Xinjiang region of the country on Thursday. Many people blamed strict lockdowns for impeding the rescue attempt during the incident wherein several people lost their lives.

After the fatal fire, hundreds of protesters gathered in front of the government buildings in Urumqi and chanted, "Lift lockdowns!".

At least 400 people reportedly congregated for several hours on the banks of a river in Beijing, China's capital, on Sunday night. Some shouted: "We are all from Xinjiang! Chinese people, go!"

Police and demonstrators engaged in physical altercations in downtown Shanghai, China's largest city, as officers attempted to evict people from the scene. According to the videos circulating online, many could be heard yelling "Xi Jinping, resign now! CCP, resign now!"

Previously, hundreds of Foxconn employees in China, home to the largest Apple factory in the world, protested by breaking out of their dorms and squabbling with the police.

The most populous nation in the world, China, reported 40,052 COVID-19 cases on Monday.

Meanwhile, the search keywords "Liangma River" and "Urumqi Road," the locations of protests in Beijing and Shanghai, appeared to have been deleted by state censors from any mention of the gatherings on the Twitter-like Weibo platform.

Moreover, while dragon is facing difficulties at homeland, it has announced to provide fuel to approximately 12,32,749 Sri Lankan farmers and over 3,796 fishing boats to the those in need.

"The 10.6 million litres of diesel donation by #China will be provided free of cost to:1232,749 farmers for harvesting 342,266 hectares paddy fields across in Maha season 2022/23 (20L/hectare). 2all the 3,796 fishing vessels below 40 feet in (1,000L/vessel)", the Chinese Embassy in Sri Lanka informed in its tweet.

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