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‘Floodwatch’ Mobile App Launched to Provide Real-Time Flood Forecasts to Public

The launch of the "FloodWatch" app by the Central Water Commission underlines the commitment to utilizing technological advancements for public welfare.

Shivam Dwivedi
CWC Launches ‘Floodwatch’ Mobile App to Provide Real-Time Flood Forecasts to Public (Photo Source: PIB)
CWC Launches ‘Floodwatch’ Mobile App to Provide Real-Time Flood Forecasts to Public (Photo Source: PIB)

The Chairman of the Central Water Commission (CWC), Kushvinder Vohra, introduced an innovative solution to enhance flood information dissemination and preparedness yesterday. The launch of the mobile application named "FloodWatch" marks a significant step towards utilizing smartphones to provide the public with up-to-date flood situation data and accurate forecasts spanning seven days.

Developed in-house, the user-friendly "FloodWatch" app boasts features such as readable and audio broadcasts, and content available in both English and Hindi languages. A primary highlight of the application is its real-time flood monitoring capability, enabling users to stay informed about the evolving flood scenario across the entire country. By harnessing near real-time river flow data from diverse sources, the app ensures the accuracy and immediacy of information.

One of the notable features of the app is the incorporation of an Interactive Map for flood forecasting. Users can access CWC's Flood Forecast (up to 24 hours) or Flood Advisory (up to 7 days) either by directly selecting a station on the map or by searching for specific station names using the search function. Upon selecting a station, the map automatically zooms in to provide more detailed information. Additionally, the application offers State-wise and Basin-wise Flood Forecasting and Advisory, giving users the option to choose specific stations, states, or basins from the dropdown menu.

During the launch event, Vohra expressed his enthusiasm for the introduction of "FloodWatch." He highlighted how the mobile app bridges the gap between real-time flood information and the general public, emphasizing the importance of preparedness during flood events. The Android version of the app is currently available for free download on the Google Play Store, ensuring easy accessibility for users worldwide. The app's availability on Apple iOS devices is also imminent.

"FloodWatch" leverages cutting-edge technologies such as satellite data analysis, mathematical modeling, and continuous real-time monitoring to deliver precise and timely flood forecasts. This innovative approach equips users with essential insights into the flood situation, fostering informed decision-making and risk mitigation strategies.

The user-friendly interface enhances the app's accessibility, enabling individuals from all walks of life to access crucial flood-related information effortlessly.

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