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Fresh Harvest in Tamil Nadu Hit by Unseasonal Rain, Farmers Seek Compensation

The farmers in the Kaveri delta region of Tamil Nadu are facing losses due to the unseasonal rains that hit the area over the past three days. According to farmers representatives, the young crops of both green gram and black gram have been completely washed away.

Stuti Das
Crop damage due to heavy rains in Cauvery delta region in Tamil Nadu
Crop damage due to heavy rains in Cauvery delta region in Tamil Nadu

The untimely rains in the Kaveri delta region have had a devastating impact on both the samba paddy crop and the freshly sown pulse crops. The rain has wiped out entire harvests of pulse crops like green gram and black gram, which were grown as rice fallow crops. These crops play a crucial role in the livelihood and income of farmers in the region.

The government had implemented a subsidy program to promote pulse farming, with seeds being distributed at a 50% discount. Despite this, the rain has had a significant impact on the crops, leaving farmers in a difficult situation. The extent of the damage caused by the rain is yet to be fully determined, but it is likely to be substantial.

Kaveri Dhanapalan, president of the Tamil Nadu Vivasaya Sangankalin Kootamaippu, has stated that pulses have been completely washed away across the delta region. This is a major setback for farmers who had availed themselves of the government's scheme for getting seeds at subsidized rates. It is important for the government and relevant organizations to provide support and assistance to farmers in the region to help them recover from this disaster.

A significant amount of land had already been dedicated to pulse crops, with over 10,200 hectares covered in Nagapattinam district. This included green gram on 9,300 hectares and black gram on over 900 hectares, sources informed. Although an official estimate of the damage caused by the rain has not yet been released, farmers' organizations claim that the crops in the entire area have been lost due to the rain.

The rain has also impacted a large area of land dedicated to pulse crops in other delta districts. It was informed that the rain could have affected pulse crops on nearly six lakh acres in the delta region. This is a major setback for farmers who were relying on the crops for their livelihoods. The government and other organizations need to step in to help these farmers recover from the loss.

The government had given a push to pulse cultivation by providing seeds at a 50% subsidy and targeted covering about 10 lakh acres across the State. However, the rain has caused significant damage to the pulse crops, which are important for the rural economy and the farmers' livelihoods.

The farmers are demanding compensation from the government for the losses and are asking for seeds at subsidized rates again so they can sow for the second time. They also demand that the insurance companies provide 30% compensation if the crop is damaged at the primary stage.

Agriculture Department officials are continuing to assess the affected areas, and farmers' organizations are reiterating the demand for compensation for the rain damages to the samba paddy crop and asking the government to ensure that paddy with a moisture content of up to 21% is procured at the direct purchase centers.

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