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FSSAI Awards 'Eat Right Station' Certification to 150 Railway Stations Nationwide

FSSAI remains committed to expanding the Eat Right Station program to encompass all major railway and metro stations nationwide.

Saurabh Shukla
FSSAI Awards 'Eat Right Station' Certification to 150 Railway Stations Nationwide
FSSAI Awards 'Eat Right Station' Certification to 150 Railway Stations Nationwide

Railway stations are busy centers of activity since millions of Indians travel to them every day. Recognizing the importance of providing safe and healthy food options to passengers, the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has launched the Eat Right Station initiative, which is making remarkable progress in this regard.

Certification Milestone: 150 Railway Stations Recognized

The Eat Right Station initiative has achieved a significant milestone with the certification of 150 railway stations across the country. This certification signifies adherence to strict standards of food safety, hygiene, and nutrition, ensuring that passengers have access to safe and nutritious meals during their journeys.

The certification process for Eat Right Stations involves rigorous audits of food vendors, comprehensive training programs for food handlers, and the implementation of strict hygiene and sanitation protocols. Stations that meet these criteria are awarded the prestigious Eat Right Station certification, guaranteeing the quality and safety of the food available to passengers.

Prominent Certified Stations

Among the prominent railway stations certified as Eat Right Stations are New Delhi, Varanasi, Kolkata, Ujjain, Ayodhya Cantt, Hyderabad, Chandigarh, Kozhikode, Guwahati, Visakhapatnam, Bhubaneswar, Vadodra, Mysuru City, Bhopal, Igatpuri, Anand Vihar Terminal in Delhi, and Chennai’s Puratchi Thalaivar Dr. M.G. Ramachandran Central Railway Station.

The Eat Right Station initiative not only benefits passengers but also empowers food vendors at railway stations. By adhering to food safety and hygiene standards, vendors enhance their credibility, attract more customers, and ultimately improve their livelihoods.

Expansion to Metro Stations

Six pioneering metro stations across the country have also joined the Eat Right Station initiative, including stations at Noida Sector 51, Esplanade (Kolkata), IIT Kanpur, Botanical Garden (Noida), and Noida Electronic City Metro Station. This expansion further extends the reach of safe and healthy food options to commuters travelling by metro.

What is the 'Eat Right Station' Certification?

The 'Eat Right Station' certification, an initiative of FSSAI, recognizes railway stations that excel in providing safe and nutritious food to passengers. After an evaluation by an FSSAI-approved third-party audit agency, stations are awarded certificates with ratings ranging from 1 to 5 stars, with a 5-star rating indicating full compliance with food safety and hygiene standards. This certification is a key component of the 'Eat Right India' movement, a comprehensive initiative by FSSAI aimed at revolutionizing the country's food system to ensure safety, health, and sustainability for all. Through a combination of regulatory measures, capacity-building efforts, collaboration, and empowerment, Eat Right India strives to ensure that food is not only suitable for people but also for the planet.

The goal is to ensure that every passenger, regardless of their destination, can enjoy access to safe and healthy food options throughout their journey. This concerted effort promises to contribute significantly to building a healthier India for all.

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