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Government Approves Production of Nano Urea Plus Fertiliser by IFFCO

Nano Urea Plus by IFFCO, a liquid fertilizer is designed to meet crop nitrogen requirements during critical growth stages. With its advanced formulation and emphasis on sustainability, Nano Urea Plus promises to enhance soil health, increase yields, and boost farmers' profitability.

KJ Staff
Government Approves Production of Nano Urea Plus Fertiliser by IFFCO (This image has been created with Midjourney)
Government Approves Production of Nano Urea Plus Fertiliser by IFFCO (This image has been created with Midjourney)

The Indian government has given the green light to manufacture a new agricultural product called 'Nano Urea Plus' by the cooperative giant IFFCO. This innovative fertilizer, set to be manufactured for the next three years, marks a significant step in enhancing crop nitrogen requirements during critical growth phases.

Nano Urea Plus represents a pioneering advancement in agricultural technology, tailored to meet the specific needs of crops during pivotal stages of growth. Formulated in a liquid state, it boasts a nitrogen content of 16 percent, with a pH value ranging between 4 and 8.5, and a viscosity of 5 to 30. These specifications, as outlined by the government, aim to optimize its efficacy in promoting soil health and increasing farmers' profitability while maintaining environmental sustainability.

U S Awasthi, Managing Director and CEO of IFFCO, emphasized the potential of Nano Urea Plus in revolutionizing agricultural practices. He described it as a game-changer in crop nutrition, surpassing conventional urea and other nitrogenous fertilizers. More than its primary function of fulfilling crop nitrogen requirements, Nano Urea Plus also acts as a catalyst for enhancing the availability and efficiency of micronutrients. Additionally, it serves as a chlorophyll charger, boosts yields, and supports climate-smart farming practices.

The genesis of Nano Urea Plus stems from the success of its predecessor, Nano Urea, which utilizes nanotechnology to deliver nitrogen to plants. Notably, Nano Urea exhibits a particle size ranging from 20 to 50 nanometers, offering increased surface area and particle count compared to traditional urea prills. This innovative production process, characterized by energy efficiency and minimal carbon footprint, enhances nutrient availability to crops by over 80 percent, thereby significantly improving Nutrient Use Efficiency (NUE).

IFFCO's foray into nanotechnology-based agricultural solutions began with the launch of the world's first 'Nano liquid urea' fertilizer in June 2021, followed by the introduction of 'Nano DAP' fertilizer in April 2023. These initiatives highlight IFFCO's commitment to driving agricultural innovation and fostering sustainable farming practices.

With the government's approval paving the way to produce Nano Urea Plus, farmers can anticipate a shift in crop nutrition strategies, ultimately leading to improved soil health, increased yields, and greater profitability.

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