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Govt to Provide Land & Houses to Poor under PMAY, Announces LG Manoj Sinha

The government's initiative to provide land and houses to the poor under PMAY signifies a significant step towards ensuring a better future for the underprivileged.

Shivam Dwivedi
Govt to Provide Land & Houses to Poor under PMAY, Announces LG Manoj Sinha (Photo Source: Press Trust of Kashmir)
Govt to Provide Land & Houses to Poor under PMAY, Announces LG Manoj Sinha (Photo Source: Press Trust of Kashmir)

In a significant move aimed at improving the living conditions of the underprivileged, Lieutenant Governor Manoj Sinha declared on Wednesday that the government would allocate land and houses to the poor as part of the Pradhan Mantri Awaas Yojana (PMAY).

The Lieutenant Governor made this announcement during his visit to Garkhal Panchayat, where he also commended the district administration for their remarkable efforts in fostering socio-economic development.

Lt. Governor Sinha expressed his appreciation for the residents of Garkhal and their active involvement in transforming their village into a model for development. He highlighted the government's dedication to bridging the gap between rural and urban areas in Jammu and Kashmir. The allocation of over 1,99,550 houses under PMAY-G, including more than 19,000 houses for Jammu District, will contribute significantly to the objective of providing ‘Housing for All.’

Acknowledging the persistent efforts of the district administration and other stakeholder departments, the Lieutenant Governor emphasized their role in executing long-pending projects and implementing various schemes. He assured the people that the government is committed to accelerating infrastructure development, improving healthcare and education, and creating employment opportunities for the youth. The aim is to prevent villagers, particularly those residing near the borders, from migrating to cities in search of basic amenities, employment, and livelihood.

Under the guidance of Lt. Governor Sinha, the district officials, in consultation with PRI (Panchayati Raj Institutions) members, have devised a comprehensive development plan worth Rs 12.19 crore for Garkhal. The plan encompasses 32 development projects, with a key focus on providing adequate water supply to every household in the panchayat. Additionally, it aims to ensure that small and marginal farmers in Garkhal and other border villages benefit from the Holistic Agriculture Development Plan (HADP).

Furthermore, Lt. Governor Sinha urged the PRI members and the public to initiate a mass movement to make Garkhal Panchayat clean and free from drugs. He emphasized the importance of skill development and self-employment for the youth and encouraged women to establish more Self Help Groups (SHGs) with the support of the Rural Livelihood Mission. Lt. Governor Sinha reiterated the government's commitment to empower farmers, youth, and women in the border areas and involve them in the developmental journey of Jammu and Kashmir.

Highlighting the positive outcomes of the government's reformative initiatives over the past three years, Lt. Governor Sinha pointed out the remarkable growth witnessed in sectors such as tourism, industries, agriculture, and allied sectors. He stressed the need for a "Whole of Government Approach" to fulfill the vision of a robust and self-reliant Jammu and Kashmir.

Addressing the demands related to border outposts, the Chenab riverfront, and the promotion of border tourism, Lt. Governor Sinha assured the people that appropriate measures would be taken to address these issues. During his visit, Lt. Governor Sinha also inaugurated a training program for women SHGs and inaugurated several other development works in the region.

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