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Grow Your Savings with this Post Office Scheme, Invest Rs 333 Daily and Get Rs 16 Lakh at Maturity!

Want to get a high return on investment? Choose Post Office RD scheme. Invest Rs. 333 daily for 10 years and get Rs. 16 lakh at maturity.

Vivek Singh
Indian post office RD scheme, now invest Rs. 333 and get Rs. 16 lakh at maturity (Photo Credit:DNA INDIA)
Indian post office RD scheme, now invest Rs. 333 and get Rs. 16 lakh at maturity (Photo Credit:DNA INDIA)

Investing is said to be an important and effective method to bring your money to work and build latent wealth. Smart investing can enable you and your money to maximise the value and outpace inflation. Hence, you must find different and effective ways to work your money. Invest now in the Post Office RD scheme and earn high returns.

The Post Office of India is known as one of the most reliable and trusted investment options for people. It offers several money-making options for the salaried middle class in the country. Among different schemes, the Post Office RD accounts are similar or can be said as an alternative to bank FDs and RDs because of their high returns. Hence, investing in Post Office schemes can be beneficial.

People who want to invest a small amount of their money can choose the Post Office RD plan. One of the major benefits of investing in a post office RD scheme is the safe and security of the invested and interest amount. 

Presently, the post office is rewarding a 5.8 per cent interest rate to its investor. Hence, an investor can invest Rs. 333 per day or Rs. 10000 for ten years and get a projected return of more than 4 lakhs. So, the total amount invested will be Rs. 12 lakh and you will be earning Rs. 4.26 lakh as a return, thus, the total earning will be Rs. 16.26 lakh. The compound interest is calculated quarterly, offering investors a continuous return.

Therefore, making investments such as Recurring Deposits in Post Office can help an individual build a strong financial future for the amount of money they invest. If you are the one who wants to get a high return at maturity then no other option can be better than the Post Office RD Scheme.

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