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Heavy Rains in Delhi: Orange Alert For Delhi During Weekend

Media reports say that the DELHI-NCR will experience good air quality on Sunday. Additionally, the city is alert for heavy rains during the weekend.

Vivek Singh
Rain in Delhi  (Photo Courtesy: @GeetSahayNigam/ Twitter)
Rain in Delhi (Photo Courtesy: @GeetSahayNigam/ Twitter)

The India Meteorological Department (IMD) has forecasted heavy rainfall in multiple regions, including Delhi, Haryana, Chandigarh, Punjab, Rajasthan, and Uttar Pradesh until July 9. On Friday, Delhi experienced an overcast sky with some areas receiving drizzle in the morning. The IMD has issued a yellow alert for rain on Saturday and Sunday, and the maximum temperature is expected to be around 32 degrees Celsius.

Friday saw a rise of five degrees Celsius in the maximum temperature, but it remained below the normal range. However, the temperature may drop over the weekend due to the anticipated rain. The weather department indicates that the monsoon trough line is moving towards Delhi, and a western disturbance is approaching the region, resulting in moderate rainfall on Saturday.

In Mumbai and Thane, the IMD has predicted another day of intense showers on Saturday, as the yellow alert remains in effect. Delhi also witnessed heavy rainfall on Saturday, and senior scientist Kuldeep Srivastava expects high-intensity rain across a large part of the region on that day as per media reports. Safdarjung, the city's base station, recorded a maximum temperature of 35 degrees Celsius, while the minimum temperature was 26.7 degrees Celsius.

According to IMD reports, as of July 4, Uttar Pradesh received "normal" rainfall of 6% above its long-term average (133.7 mm), while Delhi (141.6 mm) and Rajasthan (171.7 mm) experienced "large excess" rainfall of 69% and 131% respectively. Punjab (88.6 mm) and Haryana (86.9 mm) also received "excess" rainfall of 20% and 22% respectively.

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