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Hooda Urges Govt to Provide Bonus to Wheat Farmers in Wake of Crop Damage

Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the leader of the opposition in India, has demanded a bonus of Rs. 500 per quintal for wheat farmers due to unseasonal rains damaging crops. He also criticized the government's handling of the situation, claiming that farmers were not receiving adequate compensation for crop losses and that the administration was underreporting damage.

Eashani Chettri
Hooda has called for government purchases of "lustre loss" wheat to be made throughout the entire state.
Hooda has called for government purchases of "lustre loss" wheat to be made throughout the entire state.

Bhupinder Singh Hooda, the current leader of the opposition and a former chief minister, today asked for a bonus of Rs. 500 per quintal for wheat farmers. He claimed that the ongoing, unseasonal rain was damaging the standing wheat crop in the fields.

"Despite the BJP-JJP government's announcement, neither girdawari is being carried out correctly nor have farmers received compensation. Farmers from all around the state are complaining that the administration is reporting much less damage than what has actually occurred in Girdawari. Crop loss has been reported at 20 to 25 percent in Girdawari, compared to 60 to 80 per cent in several other locations, according to Hooda.

He claimed that farmers were having difficulties posting the most recent loss data since in many locations neither the portal nor the toll-free line was operational.

“Bad weather and government indifference are killing the farmers. In such a case, the government ought to partially make up for the farmers' losses by awarding bonuses in addition to compensation,” he continued.

Along with this, the former CM ordered that government purchases of “lustre loss" wheat be made throughout the entire state, even though only five areas had previously received permission. Farmers all around the state have experienced losses as a result of the unseasonal rainfall. The purchase of lustre loss should also be made in the entire state in such a circumstance, he said.

The leader of the opposition claimed that mandis had begun to receive wheat and added that the government needed to make suitable preparations for the administration of purchased grains. “The arrival will expand further as government procurement gets underway. In order to prevent problems for the farmers, the government should plan out all arrangements, such as the purchase of crops in mandis, upkeep of said crop, lifting, gunny bags, and tarpaulin.”

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