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Horticulturists In Punjab Demand Three Fold Compensation for Rain Damage

Horticulturists in Punjab demand three times more compensation than wheat growers due to higher costs, as the government promises compensation to farmers for crop destruction caused by recent rains and hailstorms.

Eashani Chettri
The growers have faced significant losses, and even some fruit trees were uprooted, while hailstorms caused the fruit to fal
The growers have faced significant losses, and even some fruit trees were uprooted, while hailstorms caused the fruit to fal

Horticulturists in the state of Punjab have increased their demand for three times more compensation than wheat growers, claiming that their costs were higher, as the government has promised compensation to farmers for the destruction of their crops due to the recent rains and hailstorms.

The state government has announced that farmers will receive compensation of Rs 15,000 per acre for the loss of 75–100% of their wheat harvest. The unfavorable weather had caused the farmers to be worried and rightfully so. Initially, there had been warnings about the possible increase in temperature but the unseasonal showers that followed led to a problem of a different kind.

Kinnow grower from Abulkhurana village and Kissan Vikas Chamber member Balwinder Singh Tikka said, "I have suggested to the state government for its upcoming agriculture policy to give the kinnow growers three times more compensation in comparison to the wheat growers in case of any natural disaster.”

“The government ought to take into account compensating those kinnow farmers who use intercropping. Notwithstanding the damage to their wheat harvest, their acreage is listed as an orchard in the revenue records. They barely receive any recompense as a result,” he added.

"The fruit is now being made, and its size is quite little," he continued. “In several locations, the fruit trees were uprooted. In some areas, hailstorms caused the fruit to fall. There should be compensation for the farmers.”

“The Chief Minister has also announced compensation for the horticulturists,” according to Deputy Director (Horticulture) Harmail Singh. “Let's examine what the districts' special girdawari reports have to say.”

“Significant losses have been incurred by the growers in Muktsar and Fazilka. At a high-level meeting conducted yesterday, the Financial Commissioner (Revenue) emphasized to the DC that orchards also have to be covered under the special girdawari for compensation," said Muktsar District Revenue Officer Saroj Rani Aggarwal.

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