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ICAR-IIAB Ranchi Hosts Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Agriculture

ICAR-IIAB Ranchi organized a workshop to promote entrepreneurial skills among agricultural students, featuring expert-led sessions on nanobiotechnology, aquaculture, and integrated farming systems.

KJ Staff
ICAR-IIAB Ranchi Hosts Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Agriculture (Photo Source: ICAR)
ICAR-IIAB Ranchi Hosts Workshop on Entrepreneurship in Agriculture (Photo Source: ICAR)

ICAR-Indian Institute of Agricultural Biotechnology (IIAB) in Ranchi recently organized a workshop aimed at fostering entrepreneurial skills among students of the ICAR-IARI Mega University Ranchi hub. This event was designed to encourage innovative business ventures in agriculture and its allied sectors.

The workshop featured a series of expert discussions, practical demonstrations, and insightful presentations delivered by experienced professionals and accomplished professors. Dr. Vijai Pal Bhadana, Joint Director (Research) at ICAR-IIAB, underscored the critical role of entrepreneurship in contemporary agriculture, emphasizing its importance in driving innovation and economic growth.

Key figures present at the event included Dr. Sujay Rakshit, Director of ICAR-IIAB, and Dr. Kishore Krishnani, Joint Director (Academics) at ICAR-IIAB. Their presence highlighted the institute's commitment to integrating entrepreneurial education within the agricultural curriculum.

Throughout the workshop, Ranchi-hub faculty conducted several sessions focused on various entrepreneurial opportunities in agriculture. Topics covered included:

  • Entrepreneurship Development in Nanobiotechnology: Exploring the potential of nanotechnology applications in agriculture.

  • Aquaculture as a Viable Entrepreneurial Path: Discussing sustainable business models in fish farming and aquaculture.

  • Integrated Crop-Livestock-Fish Systems: Highlighting the benefits and techniques of combining different agricultural practices for sustainable development.

This workshop provided a vital platform for ICAR-IIAB students to gain the knowledge, skills, and motivation needed to launch successful business ventures in the agricultural sector. The event aimed to inspire the next generation of agricultural entrepreneurs by emphasizing the goal of becoming job creators rather than job seekers.

The initiative represents a significant step towards nurturing innovative minds capable of transforming the agricultural landscape through entrepreneurship and technological advancements.

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