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ICAR Scientists’ Role is Crucial in Addressing Agricultural & Food Security Challenges: Tomar

Minister Tomar underlined the importance of ICAR scientists in addressing food security issues, and he also talked with students from several Delhi schools, encouraging their interest in agricultural science.

Shivam Dwivedi
ICAR Scientists’ Role is Crucial in Addressing Agricultural & Food Security Challenges: Tomar (Photo Credit: Krishi Jagran)
ICAR Scientists’ Role is Crucial in Addressing Agricultural & Food Security Challenges: Tomar (Photo Credit: Krishi Jagran)

The closing ceremony of the 95th Foundation Day of the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) took place today, with Narendra Singh Tomar, the Union Minister for Agriculture and Farmer Welfare, as the chief guest.

Tomar stated that ICAR scientists have a significant responsibility in finding solutions to the current and future challenges related to agriculture and food security, and they must succeed in their endeavors. He emphasized the need for scientists to be attentive to the concerns of the general public, gain their appreciation, and celebrate Foundation Day as a meaningful occasion in terms of technology.

Minister Tomar stated that due to the relentless efforts of our agricultural nation, the tireless work of farmers, the research conducted by scientists, and the farmer-centric policies of the central and state governments, our country has become surplus in food production today, and most agricultural products rank number one or two in the world.

He expressed confidence in the far-sighted vision of our scientists to bring India to the top in every field and praised their diligent efforts, from ICAR institutions to agricultural science centers across the country. He acknowledged that the challenge of climate change in the agricultural sector is before all of us, and the whole world is grappling with it. He had faith in the success of our scientists who are working on long-term thinking and supply expectations in the field of seeds, food production, horticulture, animal husbandry, and fisheries.

Tomar expressed satisfaction that during the inaugural ceremony, discussions were held on 17 different agreements related to various subjects. He also mentioned that stakeholders expressed interest in involving ICAR and scientists as advisors.

ICAR celebrated its 95th Foundation Day on July 16, 2023, for the first time as Technology Day. An exhibition was organized to showcase the developed technologies and innovations by the council, aiming to inform and educate people. Farmers and individuals associated with agriculture and industry participated in the exhibition. Tomar reviewed the exhibition today. Students from various schools in Delhi also actively participated and interacted with scientists. Such efforts inspire students to engage in the field of agricultural science.

Dr. Himanshu Pathak, Director-General of ICAR, mentioned that during the event, side events were also organized, including scientific-industry interface meetings to promote agricultural innovations and commercialization. Farmers, startup representatives, and ICAR employees were also present at the program.

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