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ICAR-World Bank’s ‘Delhi declaration’ Proposes Digitization of Agri Education

The three-day international conference on 'Blended Learning Ecosystem for Higher Education in Agriculture 2023', which was jointly organized recently by the Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR) and the World Bank, has come out with a 'Delhi Declaration'.

KJ Staff
ICAR-World Bank’s ‘Delhi Declaration’ Proposes Digitization of Agri Education
ICAR-World Bank’s ‘Delhi Declaration’ Proposes Digitization of Agri Education

Delhi Declaration emphasizes the importance of strengthening digital infrastructure, including e-learning content, and deploying developing immersive technologies across India's agricultural higher education institutions.

The seminar was held as part of the Resilient Agricultural Education System (RAES) development effort of the National Agricultural Higher Education Programme (NAHEP).

According to a statement, the "Delhi Declaration" on the modernization of the agricultural education system, which is in line with the National Education Policy, emphasizes the need to utilize digital resources and technologies for effective and accessible teaching and learning in agriculture.

It focuses on developing a revitalized and resilient system for gender-inclusive and sustainable agriculture education. According to the proclamation, multidisciplinary technology-facilitated education should be promoted, and policies on science, technology, engineering, agriculture, and mathematics (STEAM) in agricultural higher education should be modified.

According to the release, the three-day international conference featured 19 keynote speakers and panel discussions on six major issues focused on blended learning in agriculture, according to RC Agrawal, Deputy Director General (Agricultural Education) of ICAR and National Director of NAHEP.

According to World Bank Country Director Auguste Tano Kouame, more than 5,000 students get PhDs in India each year, which is more than anyplace else in the world. "We will continue to collaborate with the ICAR and the Government of India to distribute new technology so that they benefit all states equally," Kouame stated.

NAHEP is a five-year project that began in 2018 with an equal commitment of $82.5 million (about 600 crore) from the World Bank and the Central Government, according to the statement. NAHEP's mission is to transform agricultural higher education. The initiative includes the 'Blended Learning Platform,' according to the announcement.

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