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IFFCO Plans to Bring 2,500 Agri Drones & Electric Three-Wheelers

IFFCO is planning to acquire 2,500 drones and 2500 electric three-wheelers for its "IFFCO Kisan Drones" initiative.

Vivek Singh
Use of drones in agriculture (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)
Use of drones in agriculture (Photo Courtesy: Pixabay)

The Indian Farmers Fertiliser Cooperative (IFFCO) recently announced its plan to acquire 2,500 drones for its 'IFFCO Kisan Drones’ project. These drones will be used to spray the cooperative's products, namely nano urea and nano DAP (Diammonium Phosphate). Additionally, IFFCO will be training and developing 5,000 rural entrepreneurs to operate these drones for spraying purposes. To transport the drones and associated fertilisers efficiently, the cooperative will also be sourcing 2,500 electric three-wheelers of the loader type.

Furthermore, to enhance the nationwide campaign, IFFCO has recently purchased tractor-mounted boom sprayers, tractor-mounted hose reel sprayers, HTP power sprayers with a gun, static/portable sprayers, and Niyo sprayers specifically for the foliar application of nano fertilisers. These nano fertilisers are applied to different crops using agricultural sprayers and drones. It is important to note that both drones and sprayers are versatile and can be used for any type of spraying application, as per the farmer cooperative.

IFFCO has enlisted the services of a consultant called Drone Federation of India, based in New Delhi, in order to gain access to technical capabilities, manufacturing capacity, manufacturing process, quality processes, training curriculum, and infrastructure.

The consultant has assessed the specifications and confirmed that the technical specifications of the agricultural drones being purchased by IFFCO to spray nano fertilisers meet industry standards. It is anticipated that each drone will be able to cover an area of 20 acres per day for the purpose of spraying IFFCO nano fertilisers, water-soluble fertilisers (WSF), bio-stimulants such as Sagarika, and agrochemicals.

IFFCO is actively working towards providing farmers with innovative and technologically advanced solutions such as nano urea and nano DAP. Through their commitment to agro-technology, including nanotechnology-based fertilizers, agri-drones, rural e-commerce, and the Internet of Things, IFFCO aims to play a leading role in modernizing Indian agriculture and supporting sustainable farming practices.

They strive to be a trusted brand that resonates with forward-thinking rural entrepreneurs and promotes the adoption of innovative solutions for the benefit of agriculture in India.

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