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IMF supports Farm bills passed by the Indian Government; Significant step towards agricultural reforms

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) considers the recently passed farm bills by the Indian government to be a huge advance towards agrarian changes.

Chintu Das

The International Monetary Fund (IMF) considers the recently passed farm bills by the Indian government to be a huge advance towards agrarian changes, yet a civil safety net is essential to ensure the individuals who may be negatively affected during the passage to the new framework, a representative of the worldwide bank said.  

Director of Communications at the IMF, Gerry Rice said the new measures would lessen the part of the brokers as well as middlemen and improve productivity. "We consider the farm bills can possibly be a huge advance towards agrarian changes in India," Rice commented at a news gathering in Washington. 

"The bills will empower farmers to straightforwardly contract with merchants, permit farmers to hold a more noteworthy portion of the excess by decreasing the part of mediators, improve effectiveness and back rural development," he added. 

""Nonetheless, it is essential that the civil security net satisfactorily ensures the individuals who may be unfavorably affected during the change to this new framework," the representative said reacting to an inquiry on the progressing challenges going on in India. This can be made possible by guaranteeing that the job market shelters those that are affected by the changes, he said. 

Also, obviously, the benefits of these agri changes will depend, fundamentally, on the viability and the circumstance of their usage, so need to focus on those issues too with the change," Rice said.  

Farmers mostly belonging to Punjab and Haryana, have been camping at many points along the Delhi borders, requesting a total annulment of the three farming laws and lawful assurance of MSP for their produce. 

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