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India Surpasses Japan to Become 3rd Largest Solar Power Generator in 2023, Says Ember Report

India's rise as a prominent solar power generator underscores the country's commitment to renewable energy and its pivotal role in the global transition towards sustainable electricity generation.

KJ Staff
Solar Panel (Representative Photo Source: Pixabay)
Solar Panel (Representative Photo Source: Pixabay)

India has achieved a major milestone in renewable energy by surpassing Japan to become the world's third-largest solar power generator in 2023, as revealed by Ember's 5th annual Global Electricity Review report. It provides a comprehensive overview of changes in global electricity generation in 2023, highlights India's remarkable ascent in solar energy. The report reveals that India's solar generation growth propelled it past Japan, moving up from ninth place in 2015 to the third-largest solar power generator globally by 2023.

The report analyzed electricity data from 215 countries, focusing on the latest 2023 data for 80 countries representing 92% of global electricity demand. It sheds light on the increasing dominance of renewables in the global electricity mix, with solar and wind energy driving significant growth.

In 2023, renewable electricity surpassed 30% of global electricity generation for the first time, marking a substantial increase from 19% in 2000. China played a pivotal role in this renewable energy surge, accounting for a significant portion of global solar and wind generation growth in 2023.

Together with nuclear power, low-carbon sources contributed nearly 40% of global electricity generation. This achievement led to a notable reduction in the CO2 intensity of global power generation, reaching a record low and marking a 12% decrease from its peak in 2007.

Solar power emerged as a leading contributor to electricity growth worldwide in 2023, outpacing coal in new electricity generation additions. The promising trajectory of clean electricity growth suggests an era of declining power emissions, with a projected 2% decrease in global fossil fuel generation anticipated for 2024.

This achievement reflects India's growing emphasis on clean energy solutions to meet its energy needs while mitigating environmental impacts.

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