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India to Host 64th ISO Council Meeting, Showcasing Leadership in Sugar and Biofuel Sectors

India is set to host the 64th ISO Council Meeting in New Delhi, spotlighting its leadership in the sugar and biofuel sectors.

KJ Staff
64th ISO Council Meeting (Image Source: @fooddeptgoi/X)
64th ISO Council Meeting (Image Source: @fooddeptgoi/X)

India is hosting the 64th International Sugar Organization (ISO) Council Meeting in New Delhi from June 25th to 27th, 2024. This event will bring together delegates from over 30 countries and representatives from numerous international organizations to address critical issues in the sugar and biofuel sectors.

As the world’s largest consumer and second-largest producer of sugar, India has been nominated as the Chair of the ISO for 2024. This recognition underscores India's important role and influence in the global sugar industry. The event will commence with an industrial tour for international delegates to a state-of-the-art grain-based distillery in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh, on June 24th. This tour will highlight India's advancements in biofuel technology & production.

The primary event, a workshop titled ‘Sugar and Biofuels- Emerging Vistas,’ will take place on June 25th at Bharat Mandapam. Union Minister of Consumer Affairs, Food and Public Distribution, and New & Renewable Energy, Pralhad Joshi, will inaugurate the workshop. The gathering will include international delegates, top management from Indian sugar mills, industry associations such as ISMA and NFCSF, and technical experts. Over 200 delegates are expected to participate, discussing the future of the global sugar sector, biofuels, sustainability, and the crucial role of farmers.

The workshop also aims to improve the Global Biofuel Alliance, an initiative championed by Prime Minister Narendra Modi, to promote sustainable biofuel development and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Given the overlap between ISO members and the Global Biofuel Alliance, the event presents a strategic opportunity to expand this coalition.

The ISO, a UN-affiliated body headquartered in London, includes about 85 member countries, representing nearly 90% of global sugar production. The organization's mission is to foster mutual understanding and progressive approaches among major sugar-producing, consuming, and trading nations. It also focuses on biofuels, with sugarcane being a significant feedstock for ethanol production worldwide.

A cultural program on the evening of June 25th will showcase India's rich and diverse heritage to international delegates. The following days, June 26th and 27th, will be dedicated to various ISO committee meetings, focusing on the organization's administrative and functional aspects, including presentations of economic studies by ISO economists. Sanjeev Chopra, Secretary of the Department of Food and Public Distribution and Chairman of the ISO, will preside over these meetings.

The event will conclude with a guided tour of the historic Red Fort on the evening of June 27th, followed by a visit to the Prime Ministers’ Museum and Library on June 28th.

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