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Int’l Workshop Explores Advancements in Stem Cell Research and Lactation Biology

The international workshop provided a valuable platform for sharing knowledge, advancing research in the field of animal biotechnology, in the areas of stem cell biology & mammary gland health.

KJ Staff
Reception of Dr. Feng Qi Zhao, Professor at the University of Vermont
Reception of Dr. Feng Qi Zhao, Professor at the University of Vermont

The College of Animal Biotechnology at Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University recently hosted an international workshop focused on the latest developments in stem cell research and bovine mammary gland biology. The one-day workshop was held as part of the Department of Biotechnology's funded project, "Investigating the Role of Adipose Tissue-Derived Stromal Vascular Fractions (SVFs) Combined with Xanthosine in Veterinary Regenerative Medicine," aimed at enhancing the understanding of animal biotechnology among post-graduate students.

Dr. J S Bedi, Director of the Centre for One Health, extended a warm welcome to guest speakers and participants, emphasizing the workshop's significance in advancing stem cell studies. The Vice-Chancellor, Dr. Inderjeet Singh, encouraged attendees to actively participate in discussions and seek out opportunities for collaboration. Dr. HS Banga, Registrar, and Dr. J P S Gill, Director of Research, highlighted the workshop's crucial role in inspiring and nurturing young talents, as well as fostering partnerships across institutions.

One of the notable presentations came from Dr. James Sherley of Asymmetrex®, LLC, who introduced Kinetic Stem Cell (KCS) counting, an innovative technology enabling precise measurement of stem cell populations without relying on protein markers. This breakthrough holds promise for accelerating both research and therapeutic applications in stem cell biology.

Dr. Feng Qi Zhao, a Professor at the University of Vermont, shed light on the pivotal role of glucose transport in milk production, underscoring its importance in ensuring mammary gland health and optimizing milk quality.

The workshop attracted a significant audience, with 104 registrations from 30 universities across India, including faculty members from Vet Varsity. Dr. Balbir Bagicha Singh concluded the event with a vote of thanks to the officers, organizers, participants, and sponsors for their contributions to making the workshop a success.

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