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IRRI Launched Open Learning Platform; Elevate Yourself With openlearning.cgiar.org

IRRI has announced an Open Learning Platform where an individual can get global learning access to a wide range of materials and resources.

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Launching of IRRI Open Learning Platform (Photo Courtesy: @irrieducation/Twitter)
Launching of IRRI Open Learning Platform (Photo Courtesy: @irrieducation/Twitter)

On July 4, the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI) unveiled its open learning platform, aiming to revolutionize our understanding of water, land, and food systems. The platform was officially launched by Joanna Kane-Potaka, the Deputy Director General for Strategy, Engagement, and Impact, during the IRRI Science Days event. This initiative by IRRI signifies a significant step towards accessible and innovative learning in the field of agriculture and will contribute to enhancing knowledge and advancements in food production systems.

IRRI Education, the educational division of the International Rice Research Institute (IRRI), has launched the Open Learning platform, offering global learners access to a wide range of materials and resources. This platform caters to researchers, policymakers, partners, stakeholders in the value chain, farmers, and individuals interested in food, land, and water systems. It provides valuable insights into the latest advancements driven by CGIAR research and innovations, fostering knowledge dissemination and collaboration among a diverse audience.

The Open Learning platform provides learners with three flexible options to cater to their specific needs. The first option is Microlearning, which consists of concise modules covering essential concepts, skills, technologies, and innovations in the realms of water, land, and food systems. The second option is Open Online Courses, offering immersive learning experiences lasting 2-4 weeks, focusing on science, technology, and leadership. Learners enrolled in these courses will have the opportunity to engage with subject matter experts throughout their learning journey. Lastly, Self-paced E-learning Modules are interactive modules designed to help learners achieve specific learning objectives at their own pace.

According to media reports, Gopesh Tiwari, the Head of IRRI Education, emphasized the importance of knowledge-sharing and collaboration in the launch of the Open Learning platform. This platform aims to create an interactive and engaging learning experience by bringing together a diverse community of learners and experts from around the globe. IRRI Education, in collaboration with scientists at IRRI and CGIAR, is actively developing research-based courses that will be accessible worldwide through this platform. The initiative reflects IRRI's commitment to fostering global learning and advancing research-driven education in the field of agriculture.

About IRRI Open Learning Platform

IRRI educational programs are based on extensive research and innovative approaches. It has several pillars that drive a commitment to providing comprehensive and integrated learning solutions. These pillars include Short & Long Courses, Scholars & Youth Engagement, Online Learning & Product Development, Knowledge Platforms, and Advisory around Capacity Development.

Through these pillars, IRRI strives to address the gaps and expectations in learning by developing and delivering customized courses. The organization also support research activities for scholars, offers advisory services for capacity building, provides technology-based training, and facilitates knowledge management. The aim is to cater to the needs of stakeholders involved in rice-based agri-food systems by offering lifelong learning solutions.

IRRI Education is aligned with the overall objective of IRRI, which is to enhance livelihoods, improve nutrition, and combat poverty, hunger, and malnutrition within rice-based agri-food systems. 

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