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ITOTY 2023: Krishi Jagran Media Partners with Indian Tractor of the Year Awards

This year will be the fourth introduction of the ITOTY, or Indian Tractor of the Year Award. For the second year in a row, Krishi Jagran will serve as the media partner. The Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus and the Massey Ferguson 246 DYNATRACK won the prize the previous year. It was won by the Sonalika Tiger 55 in 2021.

Aysha Anam
Indian Tractor of the Year 2023 Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: itoty.org)
Indian Tractor of the Year 2023 Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: itoty.org)

An award that motivates farmers to work harder, the Indian Tractor of The Year Award or ITOTY, is all set to launch its fourth edition this year. Krishi Jagran is going to be the media partner for the second consecutive year in a row. Last year, the award was secured by the Mahindra 575 DI XP Plus and the Massey Ferguson 246 DYNATRACK. In 2021, it was won by the Sonalika Tiger 55.

ITOTY’s other media partners include Business Standard, Jagran, Business Today, and Agriculture Post.

ITOTY 2023: Aim and Purpose

With these awards, Rajat Gupta, Founder of Tractor Junction, wants to motivate farmers to use more farm mechanization, equipment, and tractors. Started in 2019, the fourth edition of the event is all about praising the tractor and farm machinery manufacturers. "Tractor Junction believes that it is important to appreciate and promote the hard work of Tractor & Implement manufacturing companies, as they give their 100% to satisfy a farmer. We have an experienced jury, including experts in the Tractor Industry, with decades of experience," said the organization.

ITOTY 2023: Criterion of Selection

If you want to win the next ITOTY, then understand this simple criterion of selection.

  • There are a number of categories available on the official website of ITOTY.

  • Organizations interested need to apply following the steps mentioned there.

  • The candidates selected by jury have to undergo several rounds.

  • After careful consideration and voting rounds, the final winner will get the award.

ITOTY 2023: Jury Members

A panel of 10 eminent personalities is going to judge these awards. L P Gite ICAR - CIAE Bhopal Superannuated Scientist, who possesses 22 years of experience in Tractor Ergonomics, will analyze the participants. P. K. Verma, who is having an experience of 40 years in various aspects of farm machinery and power, will be judging. Arindam Maulik, who is having an experience of 38 years in different areas of the Tractor & Automobile Industry, will also be there. Mr. S. R. Paul Raj, who has 36 years of experience in the Tractor industry etc.

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