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Jharkhand CM Offers Foreign Family Trips to Model Panchayat Secretaries

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren is taking steps to build a brighter future for the state, by providing international exposure to model panchayat secretaries and implementing measures to enhance social security,

Shivam Dwivedi
Jharkhand CM Offers Foreign Family Trips to Model Panchayat Secretaries (Photo Source: Hemant Soren  twitter)
Jharkhand CM Offers Foreign Family Trips to Model Panchayat Secretaries (Photo Source: Hemant Soren twitter)

Jharkhand Chief Minister Hemant Soren has announced a unique initiative aimed at promoting development and learning from international experiences. The state government plans to provide foreign family trips to secretaries of at least five model panchayats in Jharkhand.

Chief Minister Soren made this announcement during a ceremony where he distributed appointment letters to 2,550 candidates for various positions, including 1,633 panchayat secretaries. He expressed the government's intention to select five model panchayats annually and reward their secretaries with foreign trips, enabling them and their families to gain valuable insights to enhance the functioning of panchayats in the state.

Soren highlighted the significance of village development, emphasizing that true progress can only be achieved by ensuring the development of rural areas. He stressed that the government is committed to eradicating the stigma of backwardness and promoting overall growth.

In addition to the foreign trips, the appointed candidates will be eligible for the old pension scheme, as part of the government's commitment to social security. The Chief Minister emphasized the importance of addressing the issue of unemployment in the country.

He acknowledged the challenges faced by educated youth and future generations, stating that the Jharkhand government is dedicated to alleviating their struggles. Soren further mentioned that since June of last year, the government has already distributed over 8,000 appointment letters across various sectors, including BDOs, agriculture officers, Ayush doctors, nurses, assistant engineers, veterinarians, and teachers.

He assured the public that this is just the beginning, as numerous vacancies have been created through the Jharkhand Public Service Commission and Jharkhand Staff Selection Commission. Additionally, substantial employment opportunities have been generated in the private sector.

Taking a critical stance, the Chief Minister directed attention towards the declining job opportunities in sectors such as defense, railways, and banking, attributing it to factors like privatization. He claimed that the situation has led to approximately 80 percent of the country's population relying on subsidized ration.

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