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Kolar Farmers Launches Online Portal for Door-to-Door Mango Delivery

Kolar Mangoes, in partnership with the Department of Posts, launched a seamless door-to-door mango delivery service at the Bengaluru General Post Office on March 30.

Shivam Dwivedi
Kolar Farmers Launches Online Portal for Door-to-Door Mango Delivery
Kolar Farmers Launches Online Portal for Door-to-Door Mango Delivery

The Reddy brothers, Chandra Reddy and Bhaskar Reddy, own the online mango delivery venture (website) and are situated in Srinivaspura taluk, Kolar district of Karnataka, which is one of the top mango producers in India.

Bhaskar Reddy, a horticulture diploma holder, informed this morning that they began this venture immediately before Pandamic to enable Kolar mango growers get the best price for their produce. The sales were excellent during Pandemic but fell slightly after that. Both brothers own property. Furthermore, they have family and neighbours who have joined them. Reddy further stated that millet products will be added in the near future.

According to Bhaskar Reddy, they currently have six different types of fruit, including Alphonso, Banganapalle, Imam Pasand, Senthoora, Kesar, Mallika, and Penish. 'We will have around 22 varieties in the next months,' he said. The price of mangoes varies according to variety, with a starting price of $150 per kg and a box comprising approximately three kilogrammes.

'In Srinivaspura, we generate 1,000-3,000 tonnes of mango during the season,' said Chandra Reddy, president of the Kolar District Mango Growers and Marketing Association. Karnataka State Mango Development and Marketing Corporation Ltd. (KSMDMCL) inaugurated Karisiri, a door-to-door mango delivery service, during the 2020 shutdown, he added. 'With time, we farmers became more aware of the industry.'

We decided to start our own company,' he added. He believes that the fundamental difference between Karisiri and Kolar Mangoes is that Karisiri only begins operations when there is a high yield. 'They wait till they have 1,000 to 2,000 orders per day, whereas we deliver even if we just have 10 orders,' Chandra Reddy revealed.

Kolar Mangoes also sources mangoes from nearby Andhra Pradesh and Tamil Nadu, according to Bhaskar Reddy. 'The Mango Board wanted to wait until all of the farmers' produce was ready, but we wanted to get started as soon as possible,' says one.

Despite the fact that their website had only been operational for two days, they had already received ten orders. 'Until we get a lot of orders, there won't be much profit. 'For the time being, we are more concerned about mango quality and customer satisfaction than with profit,' Bhaskar explained.

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