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Krishi Jagran Hosts 'MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav' in Kolhapur, Maharashtra

The 'MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav' powered by Dhanuka Agritech was focused on maximizing farmers' income for a prosperous Bharat.

Ravisha Poddar
The 'MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav' commenced with a narrative from Ganpat Pawar, a model of progressive farming success, setting a positive tone for the day.
The 'MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav' commenced with a narrative from Ganpat Pawar, a model of progressive farming success, setting a positive tone for the day.

Krishi Jagran hosted the 'MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav' on March 15, 2024, at Kaneri, Kolhapur, Maharashtra. Powered by Dhanuka Agritech, the event was focussed on 'Maximizing Farmers' Income for a Prosperous Bharat' and attracted a multitude of progressive millionaire farmers along with numerous industry experts. The day-long event was about the commitment to enriching the farming community with the latest in agricultural practices and innovations.

MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav: A Confluence of Knowledge and Progress

The event was held at Krishi Vigyan Kendra in Kaneri echoing the 'Farmer First' initiative championed by Krishi Jagran since 2020. The session commenced with a narrative from Ganpat Pawar, a model of progressive farming success, setting a positive tone for the day. Experts from various fields shared their insights on pivotal subjects, including 'Disease & Pest Management in Sugarcane', 'Innovation in Tractor Industry', 'Tractor Management', and 'Millets Farming and Processing'.

Dr. Parag Turkhade, the Subject Matter Specialist in Plant Protection at KVK Kolhapur, discussed Disease and Pest Management in Sugarcane. Mr. Ramdas Ukale, the Zonal Marketing Manager at Mahindra Tractor, spoke about the Maintenance of Tractors and Innovation in the Tractor Industry.

Ms. Pratibha Thombre, the Subject Matter Specialist in Home Science at KVK Kolhapur, covered Millet Processing while Mr. Sudarshan Walvekar, the Territory Manager of Dhanuka Agritech Limited, enlightened the attendees on Crop Care and the company's products.

The event also featured speeches from the local heads, Mr. Nishant Patil, the Sarpanch of Kaneri, and Mr. Madhuli Gudade, the Sarpanch of Kogil. Together, they addressed the gathering to promote the vision of Krishi Jagran and Samridh Kisan Utsav.

Among the attendees were Dr. Varsha Rani Wagh, the Livestock Development Officer from Radhanagri, Department of Animal Husbandry; Dr. Ravindra Singh, the Senior Scientist & Head at KVK Kaneri, Kolhapur; Arun Bhingardive, the DSAO from the Agriculture Department, Kolhapur; and Mr. Shivaji Patil, the Director of Sahu Sugar Factory, Kolhapur.

MFOI 2024: Celebrating Achievements and Looking to the Future

The 'MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav' was also a platform for recognizing and celebrating the contributions of farmers to the sector. Farmers were honored for their achievements and gifts were felicitated by Dhanuka Agritech to the winners.

Mahindra Tractors seized the moment to display their latest models, reaffirming their support for India’s agricultural advancement.

Furthermore, the 'Millionaire Farmer of India Awards' which is set to occur from December 1 to 5, 2024, has started generating buzz. Sponsored by Mahindra Tractors, the awards aim to acknowledge the efforts of farmers across over 150 categories, promoting excellence in various agricultural domains. Krishi Jagran has called for nominations for the second edition of these awards underlining its commitment to elevating the stature of India’s farmers.

As the agricultural sector looks forward to the 'Millionaire Farmer of India Awards', Krishi Jagran continues to pave the way for a future where farmers are not only recognized for their contributions but are also equipped with the knowledge and tools to thrive in an ever-evolving landscape.

The MFOI Samridh Kisan Utsav is a shining example of collective efforts towards realizing a more prosperous and sustainable agricultural sector in India.

For participation or sponsorship inquiries for the upcoming 'Millionaire Farmer of India Awards', interested parties are encouraged to seek further information, ensuring a grand celebration of India’s agrarian heroes.

Click here to file your nomination for the MFOI Awards 2024.

Click here to be an exhibitor/sponsor at the event.

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