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Lakshay Dabas Honored with Most Impactful Agri-Creator Award by PM Modi

The award shows the government's commitment to fostering creativity and innovation as catalysts for national development and progress.

Saurabh Shukla
Lakshay Dabas Honored with Most Impactful Agri-Creator Award by PM Modi (Photo Source: @narendramodi/X)
Lakshay Dabas Honored with Most Impactful Agri-Creator Award by PM Modi (Photo Source: @narendramodi/X)

Prime Minister Modi presented the first-ever National Creators Award at Bharat Mandapam, New Delhi on March 08 2024, marking a significant step in recognizing and celebrating the contributions of creative individuals towards positive societal change. The event also featured a brief interaction between the Prime Minister and the award recipients, wherein Modi commended their invaluable role in nation-building.

Among the distinguished winners was Lakshya Dabas, honored with the Most Impactful Agri Creator Award for his pioneering efforts in revolutionizing agricultural practices through innovation and technology. Although unable to attend in person, Dabas' brother accepted the award on his behalf, emphasizing the imperative of natural farming in India. He highlighted their initiative in training over 30,000 farmers in natural farming techniques, aimed at enhancing crop protection and sustainability.

The Prime Minister expressed his admiration for Dabas' visionary approach and encouraged him to engage with Gujarat Governor, Acharya Devvrat, famous for his advocacy of natural farming. Modi suggested that Dabas must explore Devvrat's educational resources, including YouTube videos, to further enrich his understanding of sustainable agriculture. Additionally, Modi sought Dabas' collaboration in dispelling misconceptions surrounding natural and organic farming, recognizing the potential for widespread adoption of these practices.

About Lakshya Dabas

Lakshya Dabas, alongside his brother, has made significant steps in promoting organic agriculture through their venture, Organic Acre. Furthermore, their advocacy extends to agro-tourism initiatives, aimed at bridging the gap between urban consumers and farming communities, fostering greater appreciation for organic food production. Through workshops and educational programs, they actively promote the transition to organic farming, contributing to a healthier and more environmentally conscious society.

Dabas' commitment to innovation and sustainability is an inspiration for aspiring creators and shows the potential of creativity in driving positive change. 

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