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Latest Profitable Business Ideas: Start This Auspicious Business on Diwali and Get Bumper Earnings from Day One!

The demand for online food delivery is rapidly increasing in metro cities and even in small town as well. In such a situation, you can earn good by opening your restaurant.

Pronami Chetia

Looking for a profitable business but confused as to what to do? Then, we are here to tell and guide you about some Most Profitable Business Ideas which you can start with less money but in return earn in millions.

If you are planning to start your own business amid this corona crisis, than we can give you some great business idea through which you can earn big money every month. You should know that the demand for online food delivery is increasing very fast these days, in such a situation you can earn handsome amount of money by opening your own restaurant. There is a better chance of growth in this business along with earnings.

Let's know how you can start this business-

Decide before you open the restaurant:

Let us tell you these things before you start the restaurant, whether you want to open a veg restaurant or non-veg. After this, decide whether you want to focus only on fast food or you will get all the varieties in your restaurant. Apart from this, you can also open them based restaurants.

Money Required

7-12 lakhs are needed to open a good restaurant. If you own the land, then its cost can be reduced.

How much space will be required?

The highest expense in this business comes from building, but you can start this business by taking space on rent. For this, you will need 700 to 1500 square feet of space.

You Need License

You will also need a license for the business. First you have to get food safety license, which is available from food department. For this, you have to prepare the entire blueprint of the restaurant, land rights etc., and show it to the department. Second health license is also available from Health Department and Municipal Corporation. If you open the bar together, then you have to take its license from the collectorate.


It's one of the most essential part. The success of any business depends on its marketing, so if you do good marketing before and after the restaurant, your business will grow well. For this, you can use advertisements in the media, advertisements on social sites or use posters and banners.

Staff Salary

Apart from this, you will have to have staff for this business, which will also cost you from your business. In the beginning, you can work with less staff, but you can also increase it according to the cell and the need.

Moreover, you need to be also careful while buying kitchen items. One should keep an expert for that.

Take care of the second menu

It should not happen that wrong goods and crockery come, which costs more. It is also possible that you contact a vendor who gives you the goods according to the list.

Less profit in the beginning

There may be no profit in the initial days. You should prepare yourself financially and mentally for such situations.

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