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Mann Ki Baat: PM Modi Praises An Indian Couple Making Betel Nut Fiber Products As They Enter UK, European Markets

A Kannada couple from Shivamogga makes a place in the international market by making items out of betel-nut fiber. Narendra Modi, in his last episode of 2022 of ‘Mann Ki Baat’ gave a special mention to them.

Stuti Das
Karnataka Couple Reaches World Markets by Making Products from Betel Nut Fiber. (Credit: www.pib.gov.in)
Karnataka Couple Reaches World Markets by Making Products from Betel Nut Fiber. (Credit: www.pib.gov.in)

Couple from Karnataka made their place in the international markets of UK and Europe as they sold hand-made, eco-friendly products made out of betel nut fiber. The items range from chappals, plates, trays and many more decorative and gifting items.

Suresh and his wife Maithili, come from a small place in Karnataka called Shivamogga. Betel-nut, which is abundantly available in Indian states, has been put to use to make eco-friendly products like trays, plates, handbags and even chappals. 

The couple’s smart effort has brought them to the world market where their products are being sold in London and other European cities. Becoming a true example of ‘Vocal for Local’ campaign, they are promoting traditional skills which are pro-environment and low-cost, making this a lucrative business idea.

As NaMo mentioned them in his Mann Ki Baat episode he also appreciated their efforts stating: “In this traditional knowledge of India, the world is looking at ways of a sustainable future. We ourselves also need to be more and more aware in this direction. We ourselves should use such indigenous and local products and gift them to others as well. This will also strengthen our identity, strengthen the local economy, and, in large numbers, brighten the future of the people.”

Betel Nut fiber hails to be an extremely strong fiber which makes their products of superior quality and long-lasting. The biggest advantage of these products is that they are extremely beneficial for cooperation in the belief of a sustainable future which has the heart-idea of alternative natural ways to make items without causing harm to the environment. 

With the enraging waste of man-made fibers, 7800 kilotonnes of fabric waste is accumulated in India annually. Only through sustainable alternatives like these can the market produce less waste, causing damage to the environment and securing a healthy planet for the future. 

Betel nut fiber is a natural, fruit fiber that is procured from the betel nut fruit. “Betel nut”, also known as “Areca” is native to the Philippines but is now widely cultivated in the tropics of East Asia which include India, China, and Indonesia, making them major producers of it. An approx of 2.50-2.75 grams of areca fiber can be produced from each husk. Betel nuts are used to produce supari, medicine, and coloring. The epidermis of the fruit is thrown out as an agro-waste or as a material for burning. 

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