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Meet the Jury: ACF 2023 Awards to Recognize Innovation in Indian Agriculture by Eminent Jury Panel

In recognition of the immense potential of the agriculture sector, the ACF Global Business Meet and Awards 2023 event is set to take place on April 25th, 2023, at The Ashok Hotel in New Delhi.

Shivangi Rai

It's no secret that agriculture in India has gone through several ups and downs over the years, but one thing that has remained constant is the resilience and determination of the people involved in the industry.

In recognition of the immense potential of the agriculture sector, the ACF Global Business Meet and Awards 2023 event is set to take place on April 25th, 2023, at The Ashok Hotel in New Delhi. The event aims to bring together agriculture startups, cooperatives, and FPOs for one-on-one business discussions, exploring opportunities, and building partnerships in line with the Prime Minister's vision for an Aatmnirbhar Krishi.

The ACF 2023 event promises to be the biggest amalgamation of Agripreneurs ever, and it is sure to be a groundbreaking event that will inspire, educate, and bring together like-minded individuals to work towards the common goal of making the agriculture industry stronger and more sustainable.

One of the highlights of ACF 2023 will be the ACF Awards 2023, which aims to recognize and encourage exemplary Agri professionals who have built self-sustaining, successful business models for the growth of Indian Agriculture. The awards ceremony will be hosted by a grand jury panel consisting of prominent figures in the field of agriculture, such as:

Dr. Ashok Dalwai, IAS, CEO, of the National Rainfed Area Authority (NRAA) will be the jury chair.

Dr. P Chandra Shekara, DG, National Institute of Agricultural Extension Management (MANAGE).

T R Kesavan, Group President, TAFE.

Dr. A K Singh, Vice-Chancellor, Rani Lakshmi Bai Central Agricultural University (RLBCAU).

Dr. Arjun Saini, DG Horticulture, Government of Haryana.

Dr. R C Agrawal, DDG - Education, ICAR.

Dr. S N Jha, DDG - Engineering, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
Dr. Suresh Kumar Malhotra, Project Director - DKMA, Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR)
Dr. Praveen Malik, CEO of Agrinnovate India
Dr. Neelam Patel, Senior Advisor Agriculture, NITI Aayog
Dr. Ramesh Mittal, Director, National Institute of Agricultural Marketing (NIAM)

Dr. Nutan Kaushik, DG, Amity Foundation
Dr. Debabrata Sarkar, CMD, MicroAlgae Solutions
Dr. Dinesh Chauhan, VP, DeHaat
Dr. Agam Khare, Founder, Absolute

The categories for the awards will be based on Agri Startups, FPO, and Cooperative categories, and nominations will be validated by the eminent jury members based on the well-defined judgment criteria based on the novelty of ideas, performance, customer delight, and impact assessment, and further felicitated with awards based on their real-time groundwork.

Apart from the awards ceremony, ACF 2023 also aims to cultivate innovative solutions to unleash the potential of Agri Startups, Cooperatives, and FPOs. The event will have participants from a diverse range of sectors, such as Agri inputs, Agri tech startups, agronomists and experts, Agri and allied cooperatives, investors, banking and finance, Agri and allied consultants, dealer, and distributors of Agri and food products, exporters and importers of fresh and processed foods, farmer producers’ organizations, warehouse, logistics, cold storages, and many more.

ACF 2023 is not just an event; it is a movement that has the potential to be a game changer in terms of direct market access and connectivity. The event will provide a platform for Agripreneurs to showcase their ideas, build partnerships, and work together to make the agriculture industry stronger and more sustainable. So mark your calendars and get ready to witness history in the making as the best and brightest in the agriculture industry come together at ACF 2023.

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