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‘MFOI, VVIF Kisan Bharat Yatra’ Joins Forces with STIHL for West and Central Regions

The event will empower farmers, cultivating pride for a prosperous future.

KJ Staff

Starting from March, STIHL, a frontrunner in chain saw manufacturing, is partnering with Krishi Jagran for the West and Central regions for the 'MFOI, VVIF Kisan Yatra' covering 25 states and 4520 locations. This collaboration aims to connect millionaire farmers, fostering pride and motivation within the agricultural community.

Krishi Jagran, a pioneering force in spotlighting farmers' triumphs, launched the Millionaire Farmers of India Awards (MFOI) in 2023. This initiative celebrates farmers' success stories, highlighting their increased earnings, community contributions, and adoption of modern technologies to boost yields.

MFOI, conceptualized by MC Dominic, Founder & Editor-in-Chief of Krishi Jagran, seeks to honor individuals sustaining India's populace through tireless efforts.

Soon, a grand 'MFOI 2024', event in New Delhi will host dignitaries from various sectors and present prestigious awards. The occasion promises to attract luminaries from various echelons – be it esteemed ministers, distinguished industrialists, or renowned entertainers.

The grand assembly will also witness the presentation of the esteemed ‘MFOI 2024 Awards.’ Interested companies can register now! The participation of your esteemed brand will propel India's agriculture industry towards historic accomplishments with MFOI '24.

About MFOI Awards

It will honor the achievements of farmers and serve as a platform for knowledge exchange and networking. Agricultural scientists, policymakers, and industry leaders have a stellar opportunity to converge, share insights, discuss challenges, and explore opportunities that can further propel India's agricultural sector into a future of sustainable growth.

Register yourself for the 'MFOI Awards 2024'

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