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MFOI VVIF Kisan Bharat Yatra Reaches Kinnow Farms in Punjab's Fazilka District, Addresses Challenges Faced by Farming Community

The MFOI VVIF Kisan Bharat Yatra embarked on its journey to Punjab's district Fazilka on Saturday, February 10, and the region welcomed the team with open arms for a two-day stay.

Aysha Anam
Krishi Jagran honours farmers in Punjab with MFOI certificates.
Krishi Jagran honours farmers in Punjab with MFOI certificates.

As the sun rose on Saturday morning, the team Krishi Jagran made its way to Sher Mohammad FPO at Sher Mohammad village in Fazilka, which was the next destination of MFOI, VVIF, Kisan Bharat Yatra, where they engaged in insightful discussions with Manjeet Singh, the Director of Sher Mohammad FPO, addressing various agricultural concerns.

Amidst the roadshow, the Krishi Jagran team had the privilege of meeting Gurpreet Singh, the winner of MFOI 2023, at Patti Sadiq, Abohar, adding a layer of inspiration to their journey.

MFOI VVIF Kisan Bharat Yatra Certificates Distribution

At Doulatpura, Abohar, Fazilka,Punjab, the Krishi Jagran team honored deserving farmers with MFOI awards, recognizing their dedication and contribution to agriculture.

Sharing the narrative of Founder and Editor-in-Chief MC Dominic, himself a son of a farmer, Nishant Taak from Krishi Jagran expressed, "The objective of the Millionaire Farmer of India Awards sponsored by Mahindra Tractors is to empower farmers and honor them, reshaping the perception of farmers as solely poor individuals. We firmly believe that farmers can thrive and achieve prosperity."

Inviting hundreds of farmers to participate in the upcoming event, MFOI 2024, scheduled for December this year, Taak reiterated the importance of recognizing and celebrating the achievements of farmers across the nation.

Tale of Kinnow

Reflecting on the challenges faced by farmers, Mr. Kapil Godara voiced concerns about the pricing and quality of Kinnow, a seasonal fruit in the region. Despite significant efforts, farmers like him struggle to attain fair prices for their produce, often resorting to alternative crops like sugarcane to sustain their livelihoods.

In Ramsar village, Abohar, Fazilka, Punjab, the team observed the meticulous process of Kinnow packing, witnessing firsthand the efforts put into ensuring quality produce reaches the market. However, challenges such as fungal infestation due to adverse weather conditions and market fluctuations continue to pose obstacles to farmers' livelihoods.

Hardeep Singh, Director of the local mandi, shed light on the agricultural landscape of the region, emphasizing the dominance of Kinnow alongside other crops like rice, wheat, and mustard. Despite the demand for Kinnow across the country, challenges persist in securing fair prices and maintaining product quality throughout the supply chain.

As the team wrapped up their visit, the conversations and observations served as a reminder of the resilience and determination of Punjab's farming community, striving against various odds to sustain and prosper in their endeavors.

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