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MH Govt to Install 10000 Rain-Measuring Devices for Precise Weather Monitoring

According to state Minister Abdul Sattar, 10,000 rain measurement devices will be erected across Maharashtra to offer precise meteorological information in real time.

Shivam Dwivedi
MH Govt to Install 10000 Rain-Measuring Devices for Precise Weather Monitoring
MH Govt to Install 10000 Rain-Measuring Devices for Precise Weather Monitoring

A rain gauge is a meteorological instrument that measures the amount of rain that falls in a specific amount of time per unit area. The instrument is made up of a collection container that is put in an open space.

The Maharashtra state now has 2,200 rainfall measurement equipment, but Sattar told media following a pre-Kharif season conference here that the administration plans to increase this number to 10,000.

"The installation of 10,000 rain-measuring devices in the state is currently being deliberated upon for this project. Each of the four gramme panchayats will have one device placed, providing information not only on rainfall statistics, but also wind velocity and other weather-related data," as per Sunil Chavan, Agriculture Commissioner.

The initiative will be undertaken by a private company, using land provided by the state government, he said, adding that the company will be allowed to share the data with crop insurance companies.


"The state will receive 96% of its annual rainfall during the upcoming monsoon season. There will be no shortage of rain this year. The state government will make certain that there is no shortage of urea, seeds, or other necessities," Sattar stated. Drones will also be used to spray nano urea over the state, according to the ministry.

"At least 500 gm of nano urea, which is the equivalent of 50 kg of urea, will be mixed in water and sprayed using drones. Drones will be delivered at reduced costs, and operators will be educated for 15 days at Rahuri Agriculture University," he stated.

In response to farmer losses caused by unseasonal rainfall, Sattar stated, "Nearly 70% of the crop loss survey has been completed. We'll conclude the remaining survey in a week if the rains stop in various regions of the state."

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