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Mission Gaganyaan: Phase-1 Training Completed Successfully By Crew Recovery Team

Mission Gaganyaan: The first crew recovery team has successfully completed the Phase 1 training. Read the benefits and highlights of the Mission Gaganyaan training.

Vivek Singh
Mission Gaganyaan training image (Photo Courtesy: pib.gov.in)
Mission Gaganyaan training image (Photo Courtesy: pib.gov.in)

India's Mission Gaganyaan, the nation's ambitious human spaceflight endeavor, witnessed its inaugural crew recovery team members successfully completing Phase-1 training. The training, conducted at the Indian Navy's Water Survival Training Facility (WSTF) in Kochi, imparted crucial skills and knowledge necessary for crew module retrieval under various sea conditions.

Highlights of the Training

The crew recovery team for India's Mission Gaganyaan recently completed an intensive two-week training program, conducted at the Indian Navy's Water Survival Training Facility in Kochi. The program involved Indian Naval Divers and Marine Commandos and covered a wide range of essential skills and knowledge for recovering the crew module under diverse sea conditions.

The training included protocols, medical emergency procedures, aircraft handling, and rescue equipment proficiency. The training also validated the standard operating procedures developed by the Indian Navy and ISRO. Dr Mohan M, Director of the Human Space Flight Centre at ISRO, witnessed the training's culmination and emphasized the team's crucial role. 

The successful completion of Phase-1 represents a significant milestone in India's aspirations to become a spacefaring nation capable of manned missions.

Benefits of Mission Gaganyaan Training

With their acquired skills and knowledge, the team trained at the WSTF will now actively participate in the recovery of upcoming test launches planned by ISRO. These launches serve as important milestones on the path towards the Gaganyaan mission, which aims to send Indian astronauts into space. The team's dedication and expertise in crew module retrieval will contribute significantly to the mission's success.

The completion of Phase-1 training by the crew recovery team marks a significant moment in India's space exploration journey. The inclusion of Indian Naval Divers and Marine Commandos, along with their rigorous training at the WSTF, demonstrates India's commitment to advancing manned space missions. The team's integral role in upcoming test launches highlights the nation's dedication to innovation and progress in space exploration.

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