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16 Industries Participate in NAAS Meet 2023 to Discuss Agricultural Collaboration, Investment, etc

NAAS held a meeting with 16 industries for agricultural collaboration and investment, addressing various concerns, while the industries extended support for NAAS.

Shivangi Rai
A total of 16 industries participated in the meeting.
A total of 16 industries participated in the meeting.

NAAS arranged an Industry/Investors meeting to open up collaboration and partnership with industry players in the areas of agricultural strategy -policy framing, research and development as well as industry investment.

A total of 16 industries participated in the meeting. The Secretary of the Academy Dr W.S. Lakra gave a brief presentation on NAAS activities which was followed up with an interaction with the industry participants.

While thanking NAAS for the initiative taken, the industry participants raised several issues of their rights from farm energy saving policy, pesticide banning issue, digital agriculture, occupational hazard mitigation, and use of patented technologies especially after 20 years of their use in the patented country, etc.

NABARD also participated and identified possible areas of collaboration and support to NAAS. Most of the participating industries expressed their willingness to partner with NAAS and support it by becoming corporate fellows/ members, giving services like research grants, consultancy, etc.

The way forward was also discussed at the end, the Secretary proposed a vote of thanks to the participating members and the Vice Presidents Dr K.M. Bujarbaruah and Dr Anil K. Singh, facilitator of the meet, Siddhartha Gautam of Rural Access.

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