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Ninjacart's 2023 Report Reveals Improved Quality of Life for India's Agri Citizens

Four out of five Ninjacart customers reported an enhanced quality of life, indicating a considerable improvement in their financial well-being, according to the survey.

KJ Staff
Ninjacart's 2023 Report Reveals Improved Quality of Life for India's Agri Citizens
Ninjacart's 2023 Report Reveals Improved Quality of Life for India's Agri Citizens

Ninjacart, India's leading agri-startup leveraging technology and data to organize the global agriculture ecosystem, has unveiled the findings of its highly anticipated NINJACART IMPACT REPORT 2023. The report, based on a comprehensive survey conducted among 600 agri citizens nationwide in collaboration with 60 Decibels, provides valuable insights into Ninjacart's positive impact on users' quality of life and their experience with Ninjacart’s platform.

The survey reveals a tangible improvement in the economic well-being of Ninjacart users, with 4 out of 5 reporting a better quality of life. Among these users, Ninjacart has improved their quality of life in terms of business growth, reduced stress, increased income, better access to information, and better access to the market. This underscores Ninjacart’s commitment to fostering a lasting impact within the agricultural sector through advancements in commerce, cutting-edge logistics, and fulfillment solutions, and accessible capital options. All of these efforts are aimed at empowering all agri citizens across the value chain—from farmers to traders and retailers. Key findings from the survey include:

  • Increased Income: 91% of traders, 81% of retailers, and 79% of farmers reported increased income due to business growth.

  • First-time Access to Services: 97% of traders, 84% of retailers, and 67% of farmers had no prior access to similar services.

  • Trustworthiness: 92% of traders, 88% of retailers, and 87% of farmers found Ninjacart’s offerings to be trustworthy

  • Convenience of Selling Produce for Farmers: 75% of farmers said that selling their produce has become more convenient because of Ninjacart

  • Improvement in Ways of Farming: 83% of farmers reported improvements in their way of farming. The top improvements include crop diversification and improved use of farm inputs

Kartheeswaran KK, CEO and Co-Founder of Ninjacart stated, “At Ninjacart, we are dedicated to empowering every agri citizen in India with tools that can aid in real change. Our new vision, 'Better Lives for Every Agri Citizen,' reinforces our commitment to revolutionizing the agri-tech sector and promoting financial security and growth opportunities for everyone throughout the agricultural value chain. Our journey has focused on inclusivity and accessibility, emphasizing our dedication to creating a brighter, more sustainable future for everyone involved in the agri value chain."

He added, "While many sectors in India have experienced tech-driven disruption, agriculture is just on the brink of its transformative moment. As we navigate the dynamic landscape of agri-trade, our mission remains clear: to leverage technology, data, and innovation to drive meaningful change."

With the latest impact report, Ninjacart reaffirms its pioneering role in addressing India's agricultural challenges. With over half a million agricultural citizens in its network and a presence in more than 100 cities, Ninjacart remains committed to driving positive change and fostering growth in the sector.

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