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Strengthening Cultural Bonds: Orissa Delegation's Week-long Exchange in Himachal Pradesh

The cultural exchange program between Orissa and Himachal Pradesh exemplifies the power of such initiatives in promoting cross-cultural understanding and collaboration.

Shivam Dwivedi
Strengthening Cultural Bonds: Orissa Delegation's Week-long Exchange in Himachal Pradesh
Strengthening Cultural Bonds: Orissa Delegation's Week-long Exchange in Himachal Pradesh

A 44-member delegation from Orissa, comprising 40 students and four faculty members from various higher educational institutions, recently embarked on a week-long cultural exchange program in Himachal Pradesh. The initiative aimed to foster interaction and mutual understanding among people from different states, with a focus on promoting cultural exchange and collaboration.

The program encompassed a diverse range of activities designed to facilitate a sustained and structured cultural connection. These activities spanned areas such as language, culture, traditions, music, tourism, cuisine, sports, and the sharing of best practices. By engaging in these activities, participants had the opportunity to immerse themselves in the rich cultural tapestry of Himachal Pradesh while also sharing elements of their own cultural heritage from Orissa.

Before the Orissa delegation visited Himachal Pradesh, a student delegation from Himachal had undertaken a similar visit to Orissa. This reciprocal exchange underscores the commitment to fostering cross-cultural dialogue and understanding between the two states.

On the final day of the exposure tour, the delegation was warmly welcomed at the campus of Dr YS Parmar University of Horticulture and Forestry, Nauni. The university's student-led ‘Srijan’ arts club organized a cultural program at the Open Air Theatre to acquaint the visiting students with the cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh. The performances, showcasing song and dance items depicting Himachal's cultural richness, were met with enthusiasm by the Orissa delegation, who reciprocated with performances of their own.

Promoting Collaboration and Awareness

Addressing the gathering, Vice Chancellor Prof Rajeshwar Singh Chandel expressed gratitude to the Central University of Himachal Pradesh for facilitating the hosting of the delegation. He emphasized the potential for strengthened bonds and future collaboration between the two states, both renowned for their rich traditions and cultures. Prof Chandel urged the students in the delegation to share their experiences and raise awareness about the cultural heritage of Himachal Pradesh in Orissa.

Prof SP Bansal, Vice Chancellor of Central University of Himachal Pradesh, participated in the program virtually. He highlighted the significance of the exchange in enhancing cooperation between states and fostering people-to-people connections. The program, he noted, provided participants with multi-dimensional exposure across five broad areas: Paryatan (Tourism), Parampara (Traditions), Pragati (Development), Paraspar Sampark (People-to-People Connect), and Prodyogiki (Technology).

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