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Pashu Palan Mela CM Award Given to Farmers For Leading Progressive Livestock

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University is all set to announce CM Award Winners for September 2023. Check the list here.

Vivek Singh
CM Award Winners at Pashu Palan Mela For September 2023 (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)
CM Award Winners at Pashu Palan Mela For September 2023 (Photo Courtesy: Krishi Jagran)

Guru Angad Dev Veterinary and Animal Sciences University, Ludhiana, is set to grant three accolades to forward-thinking livestock farmers in the state during the upcoming Pashu Palan Mela on September 14, 2023. Dr Parkash Singh Brar, the Director of Extension Education, emphasized the university's dedication to bolstering the livestock sector in the state through enhanced extension and outreach programs.

To encourage various categories of livestock farmers, the university has established the Chief Minister's Awards in several aspects of livestock farming. In the upcoming Pashu Palan Mela in September 2023, three such awards will be presented: the CM Award in Cattle Farming, the CM Award in Poultry Farming, and the CM Award in Value Addition of Livestock Produce. The university has received numerous applications for these awards from livestock farmers throughout the state. An expert committee has visited and assessed the farms and farming practices of those who applied for the CM Awards.

Following the final decision, the university has unveiled the winners across various categories. In the Cattle Farming segment, the award goes to Ranjit Singh Sohi, the son of Sukhpal Singh, residing at VPO Langiana Purana, Tehsil Baghapurana, District Moga Ludhiana. He boasts a herd of 235 cows and achieves a daily milk production of 25 quintals on his farm. Sohi has invested in cutting-edge infrastructure, including a milking parlour and a state-of-the-art shed. He has meticulously tagged all his animals and employs an automatic scraper system for efficient dairy waste management. Remarkably, one of his cows holds a record for producing an impressive 60 litres of milk per day.

In the Poultry Farming category, Rishi Pal, the son of Banarsi Dass, hailing from village Thuhi, Tehsil Nabha, District Patiala, clinches the award. He embarked on his poultry farming journey in 2003 and has since amassed a flock of 6.5 lac birds, yielding a daily egg production of 5.5 lac eggs. Mr. Pal diligently adheres to the university's recommendations for farm management. He has established a shed based on the cage system and operates his own feed mill for feed production. Furthermore, he utilizes semi-automatic feeders to ensure the well-being of his birds.

In the category of Enhancing the Value of Livestock Produce, this year's accolade is jointly bestowed upon two individuals: Gurbachan Singh, the son of Kehr Singh, hailing from village Burj Deva Singh, PO Harike, District Tarntaran, and Pushpinder Singh Sidhu, the son of Hakam Singh Sidhu, residing in village Banwala Hanwanta, PO Jandwala, District Fazilka. Both of these farmers, following their training provided by the university, have registered with the Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI).

They have diversified their farm operations to include the production of Ghee, Paneer, Curd, Ice Cream, and various other products. Additionally, both farmers have received recognition from the Government of Punjab and the Ministry of Food Processing Industries, Government of India. These awards include a plaque, a shawl, a citation, and a cash prize.

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