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PAU Inks Pact with Telangana-Based Firm for Maize Hybrid

PAU signed an agreement with Atlanta Crop Private Limited to license its high-yield maize hybrid PMH 14, aiming to commercialize and propagate this agricultural technology.

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PAU Inks Pact with Telangana-Based Firm for Maize Hybrid
PAU Inks Pact with Telangana-Based Firm for Maize Hybrid

The Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) inked a pact with Telangana-based Atlanta Crop Private Limited for licensing of maize hybrid PMH 14. Dr Ajmer Singh Dhatt, Director of Research; and Abhishek Singh from Atlanta Crop Private Limited signed the Memorandum of Agreement on behalf of their respective organizations.

Dr Surinder Sandhu, Incharge Maize Section, stated that this is a high-yielding hybrid with an average yield of 24.8 (q/acre) and matures in 98 days. “It bears long conico-cylindrical ears having yellow orange flint bold grains with yellow caps. It is moderately resistant to maydis leaf blight, maize stem borer and fall armyworm,” she added.

Dr GS Mangat, Additional Director of Research (Agriculture), congratulated Dr Sandhu and her team as well as the company for sharing responsibility of disseminating the hybrid developed by PAU.

Dr Khushdeep Dharni, Associate Director, Technology Marketing and IPR Cell, informed that PAU is making relentless efforts for ensuring the propagation of technology benefits to masses through the process of commercialization.

Dr VS Sohu, Head, Plant Breeding and Genetics; and Dr Tosh Garg, Maize Breeder, were also present on the occasion.  

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