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PAU Startup Secures Patent for Innovative Biomass Treatment Process

A startup incubated by Punjab Agricultural University, has patented a groundbreaking process for converting agricultural biomass into valuable products, advancing sustainable technology.

KJ Staff
PAU Startup Secures Patent for Innovative Biomass Treatment Process
PAU Startup Secures Patent for Innovative Biomass Treatment Process

A startup trained by Punjab Agricultural University (PAU) under Punjab Agri-Business Incubator (PABI), Fuma Labs Pvt Ltd, operating under the brand name Craste, has achieved a significant milestone by being granted a patent for their pioneering "Process for Treatment of Biomass for Pulping and Biorefinery Application."

This innovation represents a major advancement in sustainable technology and offers substantial potential for the agricultural and industrial sectors. Craste's novel process addresses the challenge of efficiently converting agricultural biomass into valuable products for pulping and biorefinery applications. This patented method not only enhances the efficiency of biomass utilization but also aligns with global sustainability goals by reducing waste and promoting renewable resource use.

Dr Satbir Singh Gosal, Vice-Chancellor, PAU, praised the development, emphasizing its significance for both the environment and the economy.

Dr TS Riar, Principal Investigator, PABI and Additional Director Communication, congratulated the team of PABI for putting in their hard work to guide startups. "The patent awarded to Craste is a testament to the innovative capabilities emerging from our country. This process holds great promise for transforming agricultural waste into valuable resources, thereby fostering sustainable development and supporting our farmers," he stated.

Dr Poonam Sachdev, Co-PI of PABI, highlighted the scientific and practical implications of the patented process. “Craste's patented process is set to revolutionize the treatment of agricultural biomass, opening new avenues for the pulp and biorefinery industries. This innovation not only exemplifies the potential of sustainable technology but also highlights the importance of fostering a robust IPR framework to support and nurture innovative startups,” she observed.

Er Karanvir Gill, Business Manager, PABI, discussed the broader impact of intellectual property rights (IPR) for startups. "Securing a patent is a crucial milestone for any startup, particularly in the field of sustainable technologies. It not only provides a competitive edge but also encourages further innovation by safeguarding the intellectual assets of the company. Craste’s success is a perfect example of how IPR can drive growth and ensure long-term viability in the marketplace," said Gill.

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