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PM Modi Appreciates Recruitment of 50000 Teachers During Madhya Pradesh Rozgar Mela

The Prime Minister addressed the audience, emphasizing the substantial responsibility of newly appointed educators during Madhya Pradesh rozgar Mela.

Vivek Singh
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: @narendramodi/Twitter)
Representative Image (Photo Courtesy: @narendramodi/Twitter)

The Prime Minister addressed the audience, emphasizing the substantial responsibility of newly appointed educators during Madhya Pradesh Rozgar Mela. He reiterated the importance of national character for progress, recalling his message from the Red Fort. The Prime Minister highlighted their role in shaping India's future generations and leading them towards modernization. He extended best wishes to over five and a half thousand teachers recruited during the Rozgar Mela in Madhya Pradesh and commended the state's recruitment of 50 thousand teachers in the past three years.

PM Modi Recognizes Efforts During Madhya Pradesh Rozgar Mela

Additionally, he highlighted the pivotal role of these new educators in realizing the objectives of the National Education Policy, reflecting India's ambition for advancement. The Prime Minister stressed the balance between traditional knowledge and future technology. He noted the development of a new primary education curriculum and advancements in promoting education in native languages. Addressing the injustice of neglecting mother-tongue education, especially for those unfamiliar with English, he highlighted the government's focus on integrating regional language books. This change is anticipated to bring about a transformative shift in the country's education system.

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of positive decision-making based on integrity, fostering a favorable atmosphere. He highlighted significant achievements in the early Amrit era: a substantial reduction in poverty and improved prosperity in the country. A NITI Aayog report revealed that 13.5 crore Indians moved above the poverty line in five years. Additionally, an upsurge in income tax returns this year indicated noteworthy growth in average earnings over nine years, with average income rising from Rs 4 lakhs in 2014 to Rs 13 lakhs in 2023. This progress also saw more individuals advancing to higher income brackets, suggesting potential for more job opportunities, sectoral strengthening, and increased enthusiasm.

The Prime Minister also noted an ongoing growth in citizens' trust in the government, leading to a significant increase in voluntary and honest tax compliance. This reflects their recognition of their role in national development. This trust is further demonstrated by the economy's climb from the 10th position before 2014 to its current 5th position.

The Prime Minister contrasted the pre-2014, marred by corruption and injustice towards the poor, with the present government's commitment to directly channel funds for the welfare of the needy. This shift represents a significant departure from past practices. By rectifying systemic issues, the government has allocated more resources to support the disadvantaged, resulting in increased employment opportunities. The establishment of 5 lakh new Common Service Centers in rural areas since 2014 has been particularly illustrative of this effort, benefiting marginalized communities and enhancing job prospects.

PM Modi Speak About Relevance of Education During Madhya Pradesh Rozgar Mela

The Prime Minister emphasized the current focus on education, skill development, and employment through comprehensive policies at Madhya Pradesh Rozgar Mela. He introduced the PM Vishwakarma Yojana, aimed at modernizing traditional skills for the 21st century with an investment of around Rs 13,000 crore. This scheme supports 18 skills, benefiting an underprivileged section of society. Recipients will receive vouchers for tools and training, creating more youth skill enhancement opportunities. The Prime Minister also commended new teachers' dedication and encouraged continuous learning. He highlighted the government's online learning platform, IGoT Karmayogi, urging recruits to maximize its potential.

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