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PM Modi Inaugurates 5 Vande Bharat Express Trains on Tuesday

PM Narendra Modi visits Madhya Pradesh to wave five Vande Bharat Express trains on Tuesday. Here are the lists!

Vivek Singh
Vande Bharat Express (Photo Courtesy: @RailMinIndia/ Twitter)
Vande Bharat Express (Photo Courtesy: @RailMinIndia/ Twitter)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Tuesday officially inaugurated five Vande Bharat Express trains at the Rani Kamalapati Railway Station in Bhopal. Prior to giving the signal for the trains to depart, the Prime Minister engaged in conversations with the train staff and excited children who were eagerly awaiting their journey on the Vande Bharat Express.

Various notable figures, including Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan, Governor Mangubhai C Patel, Union Railway Minister Ashwini Vaishnav, Jyotiraditya Scindia, and others, were present and actively participated in the event.

The Dharwad-Bangalore Vande Bharat Express in Karnataka is a significant railway connection that serves the cities of Dharwad, Bubballi, Devangera, and Bangalore. Opting for travel on this Vande Bharat train allows passengers to save approximately 30 minutes compared to alternative train routes.

It is worth noting that this train marks the second Vande Bharat Express to operate in Karnataka, with the first one serving the route in Chennai, Bengaluru, and Mysore. The five express trains inaugurated by the Prime Minister are –

  1. Rani Kamalapati-Jabalpur Vande Bharat Express

  2. Khajuraho-Bhopal-Indore Vande Bharat Express

  3. Madagaon (Goa)-Mumbai Vande Bharat Express

  4. Dharwad-Bangalore Vande Bharat Express and

  5. Hatia-Patna Vande Bharat Express

The fare for the executive chair car (EC) on the Bengaluru to Dharwad route is Rs 2,010, while for the AC chair car (CC), it is Rs 1,165. On the return journey from Dharwad to Bengaluru, the executive chair car fare is Rs 2,440, and for the AC chair car, it amounts to Rs 1,330.

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