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PM Modi Launches 511 Pramod Mahajan Grameen Kaushalya Vikas Kendras in Maharashtra

The Prime Minister emphasized the importance of new skills in the agriculture sector, particularly natural farming. He mentioned the need for skills in balanced irrigation, agri-product processing, packaging, branding, and online connectivity.

Shivam Dwivedi
PM Modi Launches 511 Pramod Mahajan Grameen Kaushalya Vikas Kendras in Maharashtra (Photo Source: @narendramodi/twitter)
PM Modi Launches 511 Pramod Mahajan Grameen Kaushalya Vikas Kendras in Maharashtra (Photo Source: @narendramodi/twitter)

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated 511 Pramod Mahajan Grameen Kaushalya Vikas Kendras (PMGKVKs) in Maharashtra today through a video conferencing event. These centers, spanning across 34 rural districts in the state, are dedicated to offering skill development training programs in various sectors, aiming to create employment opportunities for rural youth.

The Prime Minister's address commenced with a reference to Navratra, a significant Hindu festival, highlighting that it is the day when Skanda Mata is worshipped. Stressing the role of education and skill development in achieving happiness and success, he noted that this initiative marks a momentous step in uplifting the youth through skill development.

Prime Minister emphasized the increasing global demand for skilled Indian youth. He mentioned a study indicating that 16 countries have plans to employ approximately 40 lakh skilled Indian youth. He added that India is committed to preparing professionals not just for its domestic market but also for the international stage.

The Skill Centers in Maharashtra will offer training in various fields, including construction, modern farming, media and entertainment, and electronics. In addition, the Prime Minister highlighted the significance of soft skills, such as foreign language proficiency and the use of AI tools for language interpretation, which can make job seekers more appealing to potential employers.

Prime Minister Modi took a moment to reflect on past governments' neglect of skill development, which led to limited job opportunities for the youth due to a lack of necessary skills. He underscored his government's commitment to skill development, creating a dedicated ministry with its own budget and numerous schemes to foster this sector. Under the Kaushal Vikas Scheme, over 1.3 crore youths have received training in various trades, with the establishment of hundreds of Pradhan Mantri Kaushal Kendras nationwide.

The Prime Minister also pointed out the profound impact of skill development initiatives on promoting social justice. Citing the philosophy of Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar, he stressed the importance of industrialization for the upliftment of marginalized communities. He noted that the government's efforts have particularly benefited poor, dalit, backward, and adivasi families.

To promote women's education and training, Prime Minister Modi mentioned Savitri Bai Phule's inspirational contributions. He highlighted the empowerment of women through self-help groups and specialized training programs, which have reached over 3 crore women. The government has also provided training to women in using drones for agricultural purposes.

Discussing traditional professions in villages, the Prime Minister introduced the PM Vishwakarma Yojana, which supports professions like barber, carpenter, washerman, goldsmith, and ironsmith. This initiative offers training, modern equipment, and financial assistance, with significant investments in Maharashtra.

In addition to ongoing efforts in skill development, Prime Minister Modi stressed the need for high-quality products and skills relevant to Industry 4.0. He called for new skills aligned with the service sector, the knowledge economy, and modern technology. He also emphasized identifying product categories that promote self-reliance and fostering the skills needed for their manufacture.

Concluding his speech, Prime Minister Modi encouraged trainees to recognize the value of their chosen path, emphasizing that their acquired skills would contribute significantly to their families and the nation as a whole. He shared a personal anecdote about visiting a skill development center in Singapore and highlighted the societal acceptance and pride associated with such initiatives.

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