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Punjab & Israel Collaborate to Enhance Water Management Strategies: Minister

The strategic partnership between the Punjab government and Israel holds great promise for enhancing water management practices in the state.

Shivam Dwivedi
Punjab & Israel Collaborate to Enhance Water Management Strategies: Minister (Photo Source: Govt of Punjab twitter)
Punjab & Israel Collaborate to Enhance Water Management Strategies: Minister (Photo Source: Govt of Punjab twitter)

Punjab Water Supply and Sanitation Minister Bram Shanker Jimpa announced on Friday that the state government would establish a strategic partnership with Israel to develop an advanced water management system. The collaboration aims to leverage Israeli technology and indigenous innovations to create a cost-effective and sustainable water supply and sewerage infrastructure in Punjab.

During a round table discussion held in the presence of Dr. Lior Asaf, Water Attaché at the Embassy of Israel, and other officials, Minister Jimpa expressed his appreciation for Israel's support in assisting India with wastewater-related challenges. Highlighting the concern over depleting groundwater levels in Punjab, Jimpa emphasized the need to improve the water quality of rural ponds.

Over the past few decades, groundwater availability in Punjab's villages has witnessed a significant decline. To combat this issue, the minister stressed the importance of rainwater harvesting as a crucial method for groundwater recharge. Consequently, the Punjab government has made it mandatory for all buildings in the state to adopt rainwater harvesting techniques.

During the round table discussion, Lior Asaf shared insights from Israel's water management practices. Asaf revealed that nearly half of Israel's current water sources are derived from desalinated, recycled, and recharged water.

He further explained that Israel's transition from relying solely on natural water sources to developing advanced technologies has been instrumental in water reuse. Israel has achieved a remarkable 90% reuse rate for treated wastewater, with every Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) closely situated to agricultural lands and connected to irrigation systems.

Asaf emphasized that the challenges faced by India align with the solutions Israel has successfully implemented. Community engagement, capacity building of stakeholders, and active participation from the private sector play pivotal roles in addressing water quality, sanitation, and groundwater recharge issues, according to Asaf.

The round table discussion also saw the presence of Neeraj Gahlwat, Senior Water Resources Specialist at International Development Cooperation (MASHAV), Embassy of Israel, and Dr. Amit Dhir, Professor at Thapar University.

By leveraging Israel's expertise and innovative solutions, Punjab aims to overcome its water challenges and ensure a sustainable and secure water supply for its residents.

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