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Punjab Mustard Prices Hit Below MSP, Selling at Rs 4,400 per Quintal

The mustard produce being sold by farmers in the state is being priced below the Minimum Support Price (MSP) advertised by the government.

KJ Staff
Punjab Mustard Prices Hit Below MSP, Selling at Rs 4,400 per Quintal
Punjab Mustard Prices Hit Below MSP, Selling at Rs 4,400 per Quintal

Despite having procured mustard in other states such as Haryana, Rajasthan, Madhya Pradesh, and Gujarat, the central cooperative agency NAFED has yet to initiate procurement of the crop in Punjab.

Based on the information provided by sources, it is reported that the current market price of mustard in mandis is Rs 4,400 per quintal, which is lower than the Minimum Support Price (MSP) set by the government at Rs 5,450 per quintal.

This indicates that farmers who are selling their mustard crops at the mandis are receiving a lower price than the one promised by the government. The practice of planting mustard seeds has been adopted in several regions of Punjab, including Gurdaspur, Hoshiarpur, Mansa, Bathinda, Fazilka, and Muktsar districts. This traditional agricultural practice has been favored by farmers due to its potential for profitability. 

The previous year witnessed a significant surge in mustard crop prices, soaring up to Rs 7,500 per quintal. This increase motivated farmers to expand their cultivation area, anticipating increased revenues.

The season for buying and selling mustard seeds began on February 15, but the current selling price has not yet surpassed Rs 5,000 per quintal, presenting a challenge to farmers looking to realize profits from their harvest.

It should be mentioned that the mustard area in 2019-20 was 32,000 hectares, which climbed to 44,000 hectares in 2020-21. This region will grow to 54,000 hectares in 2021-22.

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