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Quinquennial Review Team Evaluates ICAR-CCARI's Achievements and Future Plans

5th Quinquennial Review Team at ICAR-CCARI in Goa assesses achievements and outlines future prospects, spotlighting the success of progressive farmer Dilip Narulkar.

KJ Staff
Quinquennial Review Team Evaluates ICAR-CCARI's Achievements and Future Plans
Quinquennial Review Team Evaluates ICAR-CCARI's Achievements and Future Plans

The third meeting of the 5th Quinquennial Review Team (QRT) was convened on May 27th and 28th, 2024, at the ICAR-Central Coastal Agricultural Research Institute (ICAR-CCARI) in Goa. The session was chaired by Prof. (Dr.) M. B. Chetti, Vice-Chancellor of Sanskriti University, Mathura. The assembly included notable figures such as Dr. Kanchan Kumar Singh, Dean of Sanskriti University, Dr. P. Pravin, Former Assistant Director General (Marine Fisheries) at ICAR, Dr. Makki Ramachandra Dinesh, Former Director of ICAR-Indian Institute of Horticultural Research, Bengaluru, Dr. Parveen Kumar, Director of ICAR-CCARI, and Dr. Ashalatha K.V., Professor and Head at UAS Dharwad. Dr. Gopal Mahajan served as the Member Secretary of the QRT.

During their visit, the QRT members toured various laboratories, assessing the institute's achievements and offering constructive feedback on ongoing projects and future initiatives. The group, including the Chairman, QRT members, the Director, and ICAR-CCARI scientists, also visited outreach activity sites in Pernem, North Goa. Here, they evaluated the impact of the institute’s work on the local agricultural landscape and drafted recommendations aimed at enhancing future research areas to bolster ICAR-CCARI’s research and development capabilities.

Spotlight on Progressive Farming: Visit to Dilip Narulkar's Integrated Organic Farm

One of the highlights of the visit was the QRT’s tour of the farm owned by Shri. Dilip Narulkar, recipient of the Millionaire Farmer of India Award and the Fr. Inacio Almeida Annual Award. Narulkar's farm is a model of integrated organic farming, featuring a diverse range of agricultural activities including plantations, fruit and vegetable crops, fodder, dairy, poultry, and fishery.

ICAR-CCARI has significantly contributed to Narulkar’s success through various interventions. The introduction of improved fodder varieties, Agriculture Skill Council of India (ASCI) programmes, new poultry breeds, organic input production, scientific dairy farming, and millet cultivation have collectively increased his net income by two to three times.

Future Prospects and Encouragement for Agro-Ecotourism

Narulkar, a banker turned progressive farmer, expressed his ambitions to expand into agro-ecotourism, produce virgin coconut oil, engage in cashew processing, add value to banana and jackfruit, and establish a nursery for plant propagation. The QRT members lauded his initiatives and encouraged him to explore these ventures through Public-Private Partnership (PPP) models.

The third meeting of the 5th Quinquennial Review Team at ICAR-CCARI in Goa marked a significant step in evaluating and planning the institute's future research and development endeavors. The QRT's feedback and recommendations aim to strengthen ICAR-CCARI’s contributions to agricultural innovation and sustainability, ensuring continued support for progressive farmers like Dilip Narulkar.

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