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Rain, Cold & Foggy Conditions in Delhi; Thunderstorms to Hit This Weekend

Delhi has not been experiencing a typical "May" this year, with the national capital suffering monsoon-like rains yesterday and a winter-like morning in the thick of peak heat.

Shivam Dwivedi
Rain, Cold & Foggy Conditions in Delhi; Thunderstorms to Hit This Weekend
Rain, Cold & Foggy Conditions in Delhi; Thunderstorms to Hit This Weekend

Wednesday (May 3) was the wettest day in Delhi so far in 2023. Its Safdarjung station recorded 20.9 mm of moderate rainfall in nine hours yesterday, the most for Delhi since it received 20.4 mm on January 30.

On the same day, Palam received 11.8 mm, Lodhi Road received 24.6 mm, Ridge area received 14.6 mm, Ayanagar received 13.8 mm, Mungeshpur received 31.5 mm, Narela received 9.5 mm, Pitampura received 55.5 mm, and Mayur Vihar received 8 mm. Overall, this rainfall episode increased Delhi's monthly rainfall total to 36 mm, leading it to surpass May's monthly normal of 29.4 mm in just three days!

Furthermore, Delhiites awoke Thursday morning to thick winter-like fog, which hampered visibility in many parts of the capital. Normally, such foggy circumstances dissipate as temperatures begin to climb in February and March.

This prime summer month has also started out uncommonly cold. For the first two days, daytime temperatures remained well below 30°C- 25.4°C on May 1 and 26.7°C on May 2. On Wednesday, the temperature increased to 30.6°C, but it remained 9 degrees below usual for this time of year.

In contrast, the minimum temperatures during the first three nights of May were around 20°C. However, the minimum dropped to 15.8°C in the early hours of Thursday (May 4)- up to 9°C below average and the lowest May minimum in the last decade!

A western disturbance (WD) affecting the weather in North and Northwest India is causing these conditions. These WDS are essentially low-pressure systems that form over the Mediterranean Sea and migrate westward, collecting moisture that is eventually dumped over North India.

A second consecutive WD is likely to hit Northwest India starting Friday night, May 5. Another round of isolated to scattered rainfall and thunderstorms is expected across Delhi and the rest of the plains this weekend as a result of its influence.

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