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SAI20 Summit in Goa Prioritizes Blue Economy & Responsible AI

The SAI20 Summit is expected to foster collaboration, knowledge exchange, and the formulation of strategies to address the challenges and opportunities posed by the Blue Economy and Responsible Artificial Intelligence.

Shivam Dwivedi
SAI20 Summit in Goa Prioritizes Blue Economy & Responsible AI (Photo Source: PIB)
SAI20 Summit in Goa Prioritizes Blue Economy & Responsible AI (Photo Source: PIB)

The SAI20 Summit, held under the auspices of India's G20 Presidency, officially commenced today in Goa. The summit, which focuses on the Supreme Audit Institutions-20 (SAI20) Engagement Group, is led by Girish Chandra Murmu, the Comptroller and Auditor General (CAG) of India.

In his opening address, CAG Murmu emphasized the crucial role of Supreme Audit Institutions in ensuring good governance, transparency, and accountability in the audit of Blue Economy and Responsible AI. He highlighted the challenges associated with auditing these areas due to their pervasive and cross-cutting nature, as well as the rapid advancements in technology. CAG stressed the need for close cooperation among SAIs to facilitate knowledge sharing and capacity building.

Acknowledging the significance of sustainability, growth, and emerging technologies, CAG Murmu informed the audience that the SAI20's priority areas for this summit are the "Blue Economy" and "Responsible Artificial Intelligence." He stated that these areas present both opportunities and concerns in the modern age, calling for genuine cooperation among participants. To gain a global perspective and understand external stakeholders' views, the SAI20 engaged with government officials, and private sector experts, and conducted seminars on these themes in recent months.

Regarding the Blue Economy, CAG Murmu underlined its increasing importance and the subsequent need for its audit. He urged the SAI20 community to prioritize collaboration in developing new techniques, skills, capabilities, and methods to stay ahead of the curve. The establishment of channels and platforms to facilitate such collaborations was also emphasized. Turning to the possibilities and risks associated with AI, CAG Murmu stressed the importance of responsible utilization of this technology. As AI continues to penetrate governance systems, SAIs must prepare themselves for auditing AI-based systems. The integration of AI into audit techniques was encouraged to enhance effectiveness.

In a significant announcement, CAG Murmu revealed the establishment of a Center of Excellence in the Blue Economy at SAI India's International Centre for Environment Audit and Sustainable Development (iCED). This center, which aims to foster research, knowledge sharing, and capacity building, was initiated with an international webinar in April 2023, involving seven SAIs and 32 participants discussing audit-related issues in the blue economy.

CAG Murmu also highlighted the compilation of two compendiums on the Blue Economy and Responsible Artificial Intelligence. These publications were the result of contributions and support from various Supreme Audit Institutions and panellists participating in the summit's sessions.

During the summit, Amitabh Kant, G20 Sherpa, expressed his positive views on the establishment of SAI20, noting that it has created a network between SAIs and governments. This network facilitates coordination, the articulation of strategies, and provides opportunities for SAIs to contribute as partners in governance, enhancing transparency and accountability. In his inaugural address, P. S. Sreedharan Pillai, the Governor of the State of Goa, emphasized the central role of the SAI20 Group in strengthening governance and delivering a positive impact on citizens' lives. He acknowledged SAIs as key pillars of accountability, effectiveness, and integrity in governance.

The summit witnessed the participation of approximately 85 delegates from G20 member SAIs, including Australia, Brazil, Korea, Indonesia, India, Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Turkiye. Guest SAIs, such as Bangladesh, Egypt, Mauritius, Nigeria, Oman, Spain, and the UAE, along with Invited SAIs, including Morocco and Poland, were also present. International organizations like USAID and the World Bank, as well as engagement groups such as Think20 and Youth20, actively contributed to the discussions.

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