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Soybean Prices Shoot up; Amritsar Poultry Farmers Worried

The sharp rise in the prices of soyabean de-oiled cake (DOC), a byproduct of soyabean oil, has greatly affected local poultry farmers.

Ayushi Raina

The rapid increase in the price of soybean de-oiled cake (DOC), a byproduct of soyabean oil, has impacted local poultry producers significantly. There are many amazing health benefits of soybean that you must know.

Poultry feed prices have climbed from Rs.30-35 per kg in March to Rs.45-50 per kg now. The reason for this is that the price of soya de-oiled cake has risen from Rs.35 per kg in March to over Rs.100 per kg now.

Local poultry farmers raise between 3 lakh and 4 lakh birds, allowing the district to meet its own demand for poultry products. Following oil extraction, the de-oiled cake, which is high in protein, is supplied to poultry farmers to fulfil the protein requirements of chickens and broilers. The soya de-oiled cake accounts for 25% of the feed.

Soya cake, according to Amrinder Singh, a young poultry farmer, is the major source of protein for birds. 

The rapid increase in poultry feed prices proved disastrous for farmers, as broiler rates were down in the market due to very low demand due to the occurrence of the Navratras.

This was a double blow to farmers because a kilogram of broiler was selling for between Rs.85 and Rs.90, compared to around Rs.105 per kg before the Navratras began.

According to Sukhwinder Singh, another poultry farmer, a chick consumes around 2.5 kg of feed during its lifespan, which costs approximately Rs.125 kg these days. A farmer spends around Rs.100 on additional expenditures such as power, water, labour, rice husk, vaccinations, medications, vitamins, and mortality.

According to GS Bedi, another poultry farmer with decades of experience in poultry farming, the price increase in soybean oil and the de-oiled cake was caused by corporate cartelization. Big corporations buy the produce in bulk at the source, store it, and then sell it in little quantities to make big profits.

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