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Students to Grow & Raise Crops Under ‘School Garden Project’

As vegetable prices skyrocket in the city, the students of Nemom Government UP School are taking the path of self-reliance. With offline classes resuming in schools, the students of Nemom U P School started vegetable cultivation on the school plot on Friday.

Ayushi Raina
School Garden Project
School Garden Project

As vegetable costs in Thiruvananthapuram (Kerala) increases, students of Nemom Government UP School are embracing self-sufficiency. Students from Nemom U P School began vegetable gardening on the school plot last week, when offline lessons resumed in schools.

The crops will be grown in the school compound, including spinach, lady's finger, chilly, long bean, and bitter gourd. The students will be given the responsibility for raising the crops. 

The vegetable growing in the school has been launched as part of the "School Garden Project," which has been organized by the state department of agriculture, the Kalliyoor grama panchayat, and Krishi Bhavan. 

A portion of the school compound has been selected for vegetable cultivation.   Additionally, 60 grow bags will also be used. Students will be responsible for the entire agricultural process, including seed sowing, watering, plant care, and manuring. The project aims to provide an opportunity for the school students in the field of agriculture, fostering farming culture and also to achieve self-sufficiency in agriculture. This will also help the students to study about the seed varieties and their characteristics.

The students and teachers of the school sowed the seeds on Friday morning, which was supplied by the Kalliyoor krishi bhavan. 

The school authorities plan to use the harvested vegetables for the “mid-day meal” scheme. 

"The project also raises awareness among them about the need of self-sufficiency. They should understand that a modest vegetable garden may meet all of their daily culinary needs," said A S Mansoor, the school's headmaster. 

Children should know where their food is coming from, how it is raised and the amazing process of bringing food from the farm to their plate. 

Everything that is cultivated or grown on a farm is up to the farmer. Animal and plant care is required on a daily basis in order to raise and produce a quality, healthy, and delicious product. 

Feeding and watering, cleaning and grooming, building and fixing all are daily responsibilities on every farm. 

Children should be more engaged in farming practices in order to get the flavor of farming and contributions of farmers in the creation of the food which sustains us and our families. 

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