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Tamil Nadu Govt Launches Ragi Scheme, PDS Cardholders to Get 2 kg Ragi for Free

The state government of Tamil Nadu announces the Ragi Scheme where PDS cardholders will be given a free 2KG of Ragi. The announcement was made at a PDS locate shop near Ooty on Wednesday.

Vivek Singh
Tamil Nadu government introduced Ragi Scheme for PDS cardholders (Pic Credit - The Statesman)
Tamil Nadu government introduced Ragi Scheme for PDS cardholders (Pic Credit - The Statesman)

On Wednesday, K.R. Periyakaruppan, (Minister for Cooperatives) and K. Ramachandran, (Tourism Minister) and R. Sakkarapani (Food and Consumer Protection Minister) introduced the Ragi scheme under which the Public Distribution System (PDS) cardholders will get 2 kg of ragi for free.

Being in the year of the International Year of Millets, the state government announced to introduce of the Govt. Ragi Scheme in order to indorse the consumption of millets. The Government Ragi Scheme was announced at a PDS shop located near Ooty in the presence of K. Ramachandran, Tourism Minister.

The reports say that the scheme will be implemented in Dharmapuri and Nilgiris to maximise the millet products in these two districts of the state. In conservation with reports, the Food and Consumer Protection Minister, R.

Sakkarapani said that nearly 3 lakh PDS cardholders will be benefited from this scheme. He also added to his statement that 1,350 MT of Ragi is being sourced for Dharmapuri and Nilgiris through FCI. Ragi is chosen due to its iron content, fibre, and calcium.

As per the report, there are more than two crores of Public Distribution System card holders in Karnataka and each family will get 2 Kg of Ragi. After the Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam party came into power in Karnataka, 14 lakh PDS cards have been issued to the family. In case, if the card is lost, an individual needs to pay Rs. 45 for an application for a duplicate PDS card. The payment can be made through net banking.

According to Sakkarapani's statement, soon a QR code system will be activated at 65 PDS outlets in Nilgiris for transportation of grains. It is believed that it will ensure the smooth processing of supply and quality assurance. 

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