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TechXchange 2024 Event Marks Milestone in Agricultural Innovation

IARI's TechXchange 2024 event facilitated the formal signing of an MoA between the ZTM & BPD unit and over 100 seed companies for licensing the revolutionary HD 3386 Wheat Variety.

Shivam Dwivedi
TechXchange 2024 Event Marks Milestone in Agricultural Innovation
TechXchange 2024 Event Marks Milestone in Agricultural Innovation

In a groundbreaking event aimed at fostering agricultural innovation, the ZTM & BPD unit of the Indian Agricultural Research Institute (IARI) hosted "TechXchange 2024 - Empowering Industry with Innovation" on April 30th, 2024, at B.P Pal auditorium, Pusa Campus, New Delhi.

TechXchange 2024 represents a convergence of minds and resources aimed at driving a transformative shift in the agriculture sector. The primary objective of this event is to facilitate the formal signing of a Memorandum of Agreement (MoA) between ZTM & BPD unit of IARI & over 100 seed companies mainly from U.P, Punjab & Haryana for licensing of the revolutionary HD 3386 Wheat Variety, marking a significant advancement in the agricultural sector.

Distinguished personalities who graced the occasion included Dr. T.R. Sharma, Deputy Director General (Crop Science), ICAR as Chief Guest, Dr. D.K. Yadav, ADG (Seed), ICAR as Guest of Honor, Dr. A.K. Singh, Director of IARI, Dr. Viswanathan Chinnusamy, Joint Director (Research), and Dr. Gopala Krishnan, Head, Division of Genetics, among others.

The event commenced with a ceremonial lamp lighting by esteemed dignitaries - Dr. T.R. Sharma, Dr. D.K. Yadav, Dr. A.K. Singh, Dr. V. Chinnusamy in the presence of other guests and participants. Dr. Akriti Sharma, CEO & Incharge of PUSA Krishi, ZTM-BPD, ICAR-IARI, delivered the welcome address, setting the stage for the introduction of HD-3386 by Dr. P.K. Singh.

Addressing participants, Dr. A.K. Singh, Director of IARI, elaborated on the strategic policy framework regarding the commercialization of high-demand crops such as wheat and rice. He emphasized on the fact that how small seed producers can embark upon the journey of making impactful technologies reach farmers’ fields and generate handsome revenue and employment at a very low cost.

Guest of Honor, Dr. D.K. Yadav, lauded the tireless efforts of ICAR-IARI scientists in developing groundbreaking crop varieties like the HD 3386 wheat variety expressing confidence that these innovative varieties would empower farmers to enhance crop production and double their income, aligning with national agricultural goals.

Chief Guest, Dr. T.R. Sharma emphasized the time and effort the breeders and associates put into the development of any variety on technology which needs appropriate partners for dissemination. He congratulated IARI for playing both the roles i.e. technology developer and disseminator effectively with the association of private players.

The highlight of the event was the MoU exchange ceremony, symbolizing the formalization of partnerships between the ZTM & BPD unit and more than 100 seed companies.

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