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Tefla to Organize 'FSAFE' on August 5: Strategizing a Resilient & Sustainable Agricultural System

Tefla, a leading events and consulting firm, has announced the FSAFE event to be held on August 5. It aims to provide a platform for strategizing a resilient, restorative, economically viable, and climate-smart agricultural system.

Shivam Dwivedi
Tefla to Organize 'FSAFE' on August 5: Strategizing a Resilient & Sustainable Agricultural System
Tefla to Organize 'FSAFE' on August 5: Strategizing a Resilient & Sustainable Agricultural System

The event seeks to bring together various stakeholders committed to global food security agendas, including policy makers, government departments, agri-food manufacturers, producers, industry houses, and corporate leaders.

In addition, FSAFE will also welcome disruptive Agtech innovators with ingenious solutions, passionate start-ups with cutting-edge pitches, and experts leveraging digital technologies to optimize food production along the value chain and reduce waste.

The event is designed to facilitate discussions and knowledge sharing on sustainable agricultural practices that produce abundant and nutritious food, natural fiber, and clean energy for a sustainable, vibrant, and prosperous economy.

Through this event, Tefla aims to provide a platform for collaboration and engagement among stakeholders to develop a roadmap for a resilient and sustainable agricultural system. The event will feature keynote speeches, panel discussions, and networking opportunities for participants to exchange ideas and explore potential partnerships.

With a focus on sustainability and resilience, FSAFE is expected to generate insights and recommendations that can inform policy and industry practices to ensure food security in the long term. Tefla invites all interested parties to attend the event and participate in this critical discussion on the future of agriculture.

Purpose of FSAFE Leadership Awards:

To recognize & highlight programmes that support a sustainable agri-food ecosystem by corporations, non-governmental organizations (NGOs), and foundations that focus on designing and executing farmer income improvement and climate resilient sustainable Agri food development programmes.

  • Achieve: A greater insight into what is driving sustainable Agri food economy

  • Build: New contacts with key business leaders shaping the sustainable agri-food economy

  • Capture: information on future supply & demand of agri-food market trends.

  • Discover: Up-to-date information on optimizing food production along the value chain and reducing waste

  • Examine: Techno- commercial collaboration/ ventures and other possibilities in the sustainable agri food sector.

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